Monday, February 04, 2013

Over-Indulgence Sunday

Yesterday was the big game.  Pretty much all y'all who read this follow the sport in some sort of manner so I don't need to talk down to you and give a big prologue of information just to describe why the words Super and Bowl have been pieced together to create some sort of gambling spectacular.

I think I've decided that unless the Steelers are in said game that I'll just consider it a major gambling holiday from here on out.  I love all things football and haven't missed a game since I've been old enough to remember watching them but I just don't get into the "watching it at home with friends" thing the way I used to.  Maybe it's because I'm older and the older I get the less friends come over for it.  Work gets in the way of some people showing up (damn you non Monday - Friday jobs) and the reality is I could be doing things like trying to make money at a poker table while semi paying attention to the game and making jokes about both teams and the players.

I watched less of the game last year but I had more fun.  Next year I will reconsider my options and go from there, but if the Steelers are not playing in it then you can expect to find me in one of the big shiny buildings on the strip bitching about bad beats!

If you turned the Super Bowl on during the last 5-8 minutes you would have witnessed what looked like a great competitive game that went down to the wire (again).  However, you would have been fooled because the other 52 (give or take) minutes were not competitive and then there was the really horrible two half time shows that took place.
Baltimore dominated the 1st portion of the game and then after the 2nd halftime show the 9ers dominated until the score was close at which point Baltimore started to play again.

I ordered a lot of wings yesterday and I ate a lot.  Then I snacked until I was bloated and I had a good time.
I started the day at 242.4 which was lower than where I was the previous week.  Down about another pound, getting closer and closer that next goal.  By the end of February I hope to be looking at numbers in the 230's occasionally so that I can finally hit and break that 60 pound barrier.  That will be exciting shit right there.

By the end of this week I'll be going Pant shopping.  It's about time that I've done this as I've dropped 2 sizes during this whole weight loss craze that it's starting to be uncomfortable to wear my current over-sized pants with belt.  There is just too much material.  So, I'll start the transition into my next size and spend more money than I want doing it.

At the risk of this getting too long I'm inching closer to my Debt Free status.  I'll provide a bigger update later on that though.
Tax refund hit, I paid something off and should (hopefully) be paying something else off this week (probably on pay day because I don't feel like moving money from one bank account to another just to make the payment).  That will leave me just a school loan and I'm waiting to hear about whether or not I've bonus'd at work or not to know the time frame to paying off that last piece. (I don't consider the house to be part of this Debt Free process right now - it's in its own special category).

Hooray for boobs!


  1. You would have had fun with us - we had SO MUCH food, and Chelsea danced to the halftime show also... :)

    1. Sounds like a blast.
      Pics of Chelsea dancing or it didn't happen :)