Monday, February 11, 2013


Most sicknesses won't keep me down.  I'll get up and go to work and keep on trucking while trying to spread the germ and making other people suffer as much as possible.  What really (I want to say grinds my gears, but won't) gets to me is a good old fashioned Chest Cold.
You see, as a fat boy with Asthma - a chest cold can really kick my ass if I can't get something to get it knocked out before it fully develops.  Of course, having had 2,369 different chest colds over the years I've become familiar with the signals my body sends off pre-cold.

I woke up about 30 times over the evening feeling like shit.  I woke up with a heavy chest and a slightly sore throat.  I was sleepy so I wasn't sure if I just strained myself at work or I was sleeping wrong or I was just dreaming it all.  Upon waking up this morning and becoming functional it all started to click, I truly am coming down with something.

Everyone around me is sick currently (except my family).  Lots of sickness at work and my amazing woman has had a head cold for a few days.  One of my employees yesterday was sitting in the break room talking about how he ever gets sick but must have run into something amazing yesterday because he ended up developing a chest cold out of no where.
Those were warning signs.
I cursed him, gave him the sign of the cross and screamed OUT DAMN SPOT!
It appears as though none of it worked.
I wake up today to find out the Pope is retiring (probably because of me trying to ward off evil in my break room) and that I feel like shit.  Oh haha, good one all mighty deity!  I ask for help and you make the one guy who can grant it step down to "retire" out of the pure blue thus shocking the world and turning all the attention away from what truly matters - me feeling like crap.

So, I'm currently doing online searches looking for places I can go to get the meds I need (since work switched insurance and the place I have gone for the past 6+ years does not accept my new insurance) so that I can feel better in time for my date on Valentines Day.
The good news is that because I am a fat boy with asthma and chest colds are something that can really kick the ever-loving-crap out of me I'm going to request a note saying I can't work for the next two days so that I can stay at home and rest and make sure I don't over do it and really screw myself over.
But, that's getting ahead of myself.  First I actually have to track down and venture out to get my meds.

I need to start taking a vitamin supplement   My natural awesomeness is no longer enough to ward off the cold and flu demons and I guess even a super hero much like myself needs help as he is approaching middle age.  Anyone have any recommendations of vitamins that they take and really like.
I prefer chew-able (it's physically impossible for me to swallow a non gel-cap pill even the size of a normal Tylenol) or liquid form.

Now, off to brave the weather to find happiness in a waiting room.

I'm glad this guy doesn't work for my company


  1. Vitamin supplements won't do anything meaningful for the battle against cold viruses, despite popular opinion (and some unscrupulous manufacturers' claims) to the contrary. We all like to think that taking a pill will solve whatever problem we're facing, but it isn't so. Get your flu shot every year, wash your hands a lot, become mildly phobic about touching other people or common surfaces, and become extremely conscious about not touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

    Have you seen the extremely excellent Mythbusters experiment on spreading cold viruses? It tells you everything you need to know.

    1. Well, I do realize most of this and I'm not even close to a germ-o-phobe.

      I never get flu shots and I don't care what I touch. And, oddly enough, I rarely get sick.
      However, usually once a year I can be counted on to get a dreaded chest cold - or at least to catch one at the beginning so that I can knock it out with some good hard drugs before it puts me down for a week.

      I've only had two bad chest colds since moving to Vegas. 1st year I was here I developed one that almost caused me to punch a male nurse and the second time was maybe 3 years ago when I was living on the 2nd floor of a condo.
      I could barely take 10 steps before I had to stop because i couldn't breathe. When the dog had to go to the bathroom it was a 45 minute adventure for me to get him outside and downstairs and then make our way back up.... long 4 day stretch for me.

      However, I should take a vitamin supplement because I honestly don't get enough of what I should be getting with what I normally eat.
      Though I've upped my fruit intake substantially and that should help.