Sunday, February 10, 2013

Responses and some Hodge Podge

First I want to thank you all for the kind words on my last post about becoming Debt Free!
I really do appreciate it all.
I got a lot of great responses whether they were on the actual post itself, through Facebook, Twitter or G+, or, you know, like actual in person conversations face to face - those were the weirdest.  Goofballs.

Last night, in celebration, I took my lady out to her favorite Sushi place and had quite a lovely dinner.  From there we headed down to the Joel Osteen show at the Thomas and Mack center.

Now, I've been corrected multiple times by a couple of different people when I reference this as a "show."
I'm told that it's not a show.

However, I beg to differ.  Here is my theory.
No matter what the subject matter is, whether it's comedy or religion or the Vagina Monologues, to me it is a show.  Last night happened to be a religious person (Priest? Deity  Minister? High Priest of the Imaginary Consul?  Whatever) but the subject which was talked about doesn't change the fact that it's a "show" to me.
A guy gets up on stage and does a pre-planned performance - that's a show right?

Anyways, it wasn't half bad and what I took out of it was that the theme was to be positive and take control of your life.  If it wasn't for the Bible quotes and the religious band playing now and then you could have mistook it for a self help seminar.

Kind of funny how it all works out though.  I pay off the last of my debt not even realizing that it was Debt Free Friday until afterwards and then I go see a guy talk about how you should take control of your life which is exactly what I did.  I stopped being negative about my debt and I decided to act by getting rid of it and freeing myself from the shackles.
What a world we live in.

Now - Over on TBC's end of the world I made mention about my little happening and got this response:
"and now what u should do, since u have good credit now, is borrow $10k so u have a decent starting bankroll for the NL games. im not winning in NL solely because my roll is too low, (buying in so short forces huge variance)"

Oh, where to begin?
First is with the misconception of "...Since you have good credit now...."
Fact of the matter is that simply paying off ones debt does not bestow them with good credit.
It just means that you are no longer paying excessive interest on things that you've already owned for a while now.
"Borrow $10k (for a) decent starting bankroll"
I just paid off over $10,000 which caused me to live in misery and poverty for a number of years and your advice is to jump back in the sack with the devil by running it back up again?
I've said there and I'll say here, the better option would be to just save up some extra money every month until I have that same exact $10k so that I can do whatever I Please with it.
I'd still be debt free and I wouldn't have to worry about paying the money back.
THIS makes a lot more sense to me than Tony's Master Plan. (Addendum - This is DonkeyTax Approved!!!)

Either way I've been hard at work at re-doing my budgeting.
I've got people to do and places to see and I need to fit it all in accordingly.
So, Budget Budget Budget.

Good Night Tokyo


  1. grrouchie, you mentioned previously about a plan similar to Mr R's "debt free snowball" .. is yours a free plan ? professional, DIY or otherwise ?
    I ask because I note that Mr R's "snowball" is not free !!
    (wow an American wanting to charge me for odd that this surprises me !)

    1. Mr. R's Snowball is essentially free I thought - it was his entire "Baby Steps" to financial Freedom that had a fee/book/whatever attached to it.

      If you are interested feel free to shoot me an email and I will go over how I set myself up and started it rolling.
      Or... Maybe I'll come back later today and type it up on here.

  2. Maybe you can find one of those loan sharks Tony is looking for. : o )

    1. I love Sharks - they have a whole Reef of them at the Mandaly Bay.

      Though, it would be pretty cool if one of the casino's had a Loan Shark Reef to make it more simple

  3. Economics is the dismal science and only fun at certain points like being debt free. Understanding it all makes our heads hurt. This is true of our intrepid hero. To help him understand it all without biblical reference, he can look at comic strips.

    It is all a matter of perspective.

    1. HA!
      You called me a Hero!

      Boo Yeah.
      I'm showing my lady this :)