Friday, February 22, 2013

Back on the Debt Train

It seems like it was just a week ago that I was screaming about how I'm debt free.
I went to the patio and yelled it to the mountains, literally.

And, here I sit - broken heart'd, with more debt that I care to admit to.

Oh teeth, how I loathe thee.

You can go back over my last few posts if you really want to read about my teeth - I'm fairly certain I wrote about how bad they are.

The good thing is it all happened after I paid off the rest of my debt, so even though this is an abnormally large bill I will be able to pay it off within a reasonable time period.

The bad news is that it puts a crimp in my plans.

I've been playing with my budget like a mad man the last few days.
First to make sure I could afford everything and second to see what I'd have to do without this year.

The vacation to Disney is still on, I won't sacrifice that.
The 2nd vacation might be on hiatus though.  It was originally going to be a summer thing and now it's looking more like a "later in the year" or "next year" type of thing.

Eh, chalk it up to shit happens.
I've still got my spreadsheet out and I'm still going over every bill and every dollar to see what I can make room for.  

Teeth, You will NOT win this war.
I will slowly replace you with fake porcelain replica's of yourself (only less yellow) and be happier about it once you all have vanished.  You cannot beat me!
You cannot bring me down.

I will get the last laugh.
I will get the last scream.
I will be debt free again.
It's just a matter of time.


  1. Ah, but this is a little different -- debt from a life circumstance rather than other reasons. The key is not having more debt than you can handle.

    You should certainly be proud of yourself from extricating yourself from several bad situations over the short time I have been reading your blog. This should be manageable for you.

    And oh yeah -- continued best wishes for your ongoing relationship!

    1. Yes, this is different and necessary - but it doesn't annoy me any less.

      Either way, I will get there once again and it will be every bit as glorious and exciting.

  2. If it's necessary, I wouldn't feel so bad about it. I mean, it's not like you woke up after a month of hookers and blow and found your bank acct empty, your credit cards maxed, and your TV gone.

    1. Oh god would those be some fun fucking months though.
      Maybe I'd have had the chance to hang with Charlie Sheen on a binge or two :)

  3. Don't feel bad about this situation. This is better your health and self esteem. I learned that your mouth is the gateway to your heart - literally. The infections and such in your mouth can actually get to your heart and cause damage. So, it's good that you are getting it taken care of.

    1. It won't get me down.
      It's just another Hurdle, a minor setback.
      No biggie.
      Just an annoyance is all :)

  4. Yeah, the 2-4 limit is definitely gonna suck for you... :P

    Seriously, you'll overcome it, and you still get to go to Disney, so... :)

    1. Screw 2-4 Limit.
      I'm thinking Spread Limit at Sam's Town to cut down on my variance and then maybe going to Jean when it gets too bad to grind the one good machine in existence