Friday, February 01, 2013

Oh February I Heart Thee


The Reality of the situation is that I only have strong feelings for you because as of today, the first of yours, my Tax Refund hit my account.
Oh glory of glory (holes) this tickles me to no end because normally I would just wait until the filing deadline was upon me and do it then.  However, this year I tracked down all of my information and processed my taxes on the first possible day that I could and here I am rewarded with money in my account and a whole lot of holidays in this month of yours to spend said money on.

First up is the wonderful day known as Groundhogs day, Feb 2nd.
No, not that shit-hole of a movie with Bill Murray that still haunts me to this day - I mean just the actual holiday where Buddy pulls that fat rodent out of a fake tree trunk up on Gobblers Knob, kisses his ear gently while pretending to hold a conversation with him and then proclaims to the world whether or not we will have 6 more inches of winter (man, I'd kill for 6 more inches... shit, I'd kill for 6 inches....what? I lost myself there... back to reality).

I spent 3 of the worst years of my life in Punxsutawney and it was during that time frame that this movie was made and came out.  Billy boy himself even visited the town.  However, the Movie was not filmed in Punxsy.  Not even partially. It was all done in Indiana in a town rigged up to kinda resemble Punxsy instead.  
I mean - I'm sure this town would have shilled out for not a whole lot of money and the publicity, but whatever.
I hate the movie, I always have and I always will.
I don't like the town that much either.
Or most of the people now that I think of it.
(Except you.  I love you.  We've had a beautiful friendship and it will only get better from here.  Promise).

Then, as if Groundhogs day wasn't enough we fast forward One Whole Day later and we have the holiest of holy days that has ever existed - Super Bowl Sunday.
However, there is not a whole lot of excitement in this holiday for me this year.
I've got mixed emotions about the whole shin-dig.  I don't want either team to win for various reasons.

Lets start with the Cleveland Ravens.... I can't love a team that started in that town.  I can't love a team in my division.  I hate the Ravens with a passion that runs deep in my veins.  The Ravens are the equivalent to an STD that is not curable.  It burns when I pee and I've got a rash that won't stop itching. I also want Ray Lewis to retire after the biggest loss of his career and I want him to be the cause of said loss.
Now, the 49ers.  Ugh.  If the 9ers win that gives them 6 Super Bowl victories, the same amount as the Steelers.  This would mean that we are not sitting alone at the top of the throne ruling the world with more Super Bowl rings than the rest of the world.  No, we'd have to share that honor with another team.  A team who appears to have only recently regained their fan base from the Steve Young years.  They are all out of the woodwork like Laker fans (who, appear to have disappeared this year - Finally).

So, i'm hoping for a 19 overtime tie when the Steelers hating Commish has to put a stop to the game because someone suffered a stroke on the field.
(If that actually happens I didn't really wish it, that was just sarcasm on the computer screen.....truly).

Then - oh dear February, you have Valentines Day.
You know I've hated you for having this holiday for almost my entire life.  You cram two of the shittiest holidays known to man (men) into the same month and then give me the Super Bowl just so I can't totally hate you and am forced to forgive you for your evil deeds.
But VD?  Seriously.  The Hallmark of all holidays.  Made for the women and forced upon the men. An excuse to sell more flowers and chocolate than any other holiday (sans Helloween) out there.
But, alas, I'm actually looking forward to this coming VD.
I'm a bit excited and this is pretty new to me.

I've got most of the evening planned already.  I've got my dinner reservation set and she will be picking out what movie we'll be seeing.  I've now just gotta get money into the bank so that I can buy all the party favors.

Oh, that's right.  The IRS has already given me my money and I can start spending it.
Oh you dirty little month of February - I want to hate you but you're just so dang cute.

In other news, one of my buddies from work decided to start blogging today.
He's come a long way in the past year - losing 70 pounds and getting into better shape and running his first marathon.
He decided to start blogging to try to get some accountability into his life and to get back on track with the whole diet and exercise thing.
I'm fairly certain he'll be talking a lot about food and running and things like Tough Mudder and the ilk.  So, if you're into that give him a read now and then.

As for me, it's approaching midnight and I'm hungry.
Been hungry all day.
I've eaten a shit ton these past two days. Probably set myself back 3 pounds or so.
Oh well, that's life sometimes.


  1. I agree. Punxs'y does suck and so do the people who live there. I could go on a massive tirade as to why, but you already know.

    As for the movie, I never watched it. I had to deal with it for so many years, there was, as still is, no way I will watch that piece of garbage.

    1. I watched it, it sucked. You're not missing anything.