Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February comes to a close

I find it slightly interesting that out of nowhere my blog is about to have it's biggest month ever in terms of page views.
February being the shortest month and all and randomly I've had spikes of hits for apparently no real reason. I've had my 4 biggest days in terms of views within the last week or two and I know that it's not any of my new content.  It's all old content (with hot chick pics) and a post about Monster turning 6 years old which for some reason is having a huge surge of popularity with the spammers.
In fact, since my post earlier I've deleted another 2 payday loan spam replies.  The post about Monster's birthday gets more spam posts than any other I've put on my blog and I don't particularly get it.
Oh well, some mysteries are best left unexplained I guess.

This evening my blood pressure decided to shoot through the fucking roof.
I'm inclined to blame it on a combination of the medicine that I've been taking and the combination that I've been eating a shitload of chicken noodle soup (which will have a ton of salt).  I had a minor headache most of the day which was ok but after dinner sudden movements and bending over all turned into games I didn't want to play for $1,000 Alex.

I increased my comic book reading over the last week so that I could try to hit my goal of being ready for Death of the Family starting on March 1st and oddly enough I appear to have done a good job.  I'm half way through Batman and Robin which I'm starting to enjoy more and more.  Tonight I'll polish off another couple of issues and then before work tomorrow I'll get in the last few so that I can kick March off properly.

I'm going to re-organize my "now reading" tab and separate it by company instead of the way it currently is.  I'm curious over the course of the year if I'll read more Marvel or DC.  I have a feeling that in the long run Marvel will win out mainly because of the focus on The Amazing Spiderman and all of the back issues of other Spiderman books as well whereas DC I'm pretty much only focusing on current story-lines starting with The New 52.  I know this really doesn't interest anyone but myself, but I thought I'd share anyways.

I found out that my store has hit our quarterly bonus last quarter.  I've heard slight variation on the amount that we will be getting but I'm not really going to concern myself with that as I'm just going to be happy that we actually achieved the bonus.  Rumor has it that this bonus is going to appear on the 1st check in March which is great timing.  I'm already mentally spending it as I type this.

On that Payday, March 8th, I'm taking my almost family to the Vegas Motor Speedway to look at all the Nascar cars.  My lady takes the kid every year and he really enjoys it so there is no reason to stop the tradition.  Should be fun.
Then, I'm setting aside Disney money from the bonus check as well.  The whole tooth thing was a burden that was annoying me because I was struggling to find ways to come up with the money for the tickets in the time frame that we wanted to go.  This bonus cures that problem.

Now if we can just find a way to get at least 50% bonus for the 1st quarter of the year I'll be able to plan the other vacation I wanted to take them on.  Maybe things will work out after all.

Now, it's time for some reading before bed.
my sleep envelope me


  1. the spammers were puting me on life tilt, lol. so even tho I detest it, I had to enable the comment moderation thingy -((

    1. I was getting pretty close to that.
      However, all the spam was on old posts so that wasn't so bad.

      I don't even get enough views on this little blog to be worthy of spam, that's what I don't get