Saturday, February 23, 2013

Red Hood and the Outlaws

When I first started reading Red Hood and the Outlaws I couldn't get into it very much, but after a few issues I started to enjoy the story and the direction of it.

Red Hood is Jason Todd, a former Robin to Batman.
Red Hood was duped by the Joker and then murdered only to be brought back to life by Talia Al'Gul or whatever her name is.

Red Hood fights along side Arsenal and Starfire
I won't go into too much detail because 1)I don't really care too and 2) you don't really care to read it.
That cuts out a few words heh!

In the grand scheme of the Bats books this is not one of my favorites, I won't buy it in issue or trade form, I just don't have the interest.  I'll probably continue to read it over time in torrent form because it is entertaining, though it's no where near as good as some of the others.

I put it in a similar vein as Batwing - It's good but there is just something missing to make it great.
Maybe it's the art which is definitely not on par with some of the others that I have been reading lately like Catwoman or Batgirl.  Who knows.

My current Ranking for the Bats Books:

1- Detective Comics
2 - Batman
3 - Bat Girl, Catwoman, Nightwing (depends on my mood as to how these get ranked probably).
4 - Red Hood, Batwing

I still have a few issues to go to finish off Red Hood for now and then I have to jump into Suicide Squad and Batman and Robin and finally Teen Titans.
This will catch me up to where I need to be on all of the Comic Books that are in the Death of the Family Event that I really can't wait to start reading now that it's finally finished.

However, the closer I get to the end of the month the more I realize that I probably don't have the time to complete everything to start Death of the Family on March 1st exactly.
I'm either going to blame it on me slacking or on February being a short month, I have not decided yet.

All I do know is that Red Hood will be finished today, before I do anything else.
Then I've got some cleaning up to do in my room and another round of looking at my budget.
Maybe an episode or two of Prison Break.
Maybe an hour or so with some Video Games.

But now, I've got an angry cast of Outlaws calling my name to finish off the current story line.
I've been told they'll allow me to live if I don't put it off too much longer.


  1. I vote for more comics and video games!

    Justice League has been very good. Action Comics too.

    1. I've never been into Justice League and I'm beginning to find out why.
      I think it all revolves around Superman.
      I like my hero's to have real flaws and be beatable, thus I love the Bat and Spider books.
      Most of the hero's don't even have real super powers, they just make the most of everything, they are all MacGuivered up and shit.

      I tried to read either the Action Comics or the new Superman, I went through some of it but lost interest.
      I'll try it again later.

      I do have the overwhelming urge to shill out $150 and pick up the JLA #1 with all of the variant covers....
      I won't, but dammit I really want to.

  2. trying to set a record for the most blogs in 24 hours?