Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Question Relfected

On the last post about my TBC Diet the Author of the Amazing I am Quincy Capers decided to ask how much weight I have lost (I assume in total).

Funny thing is that randomly I actually found an old post yesterday about when I was near the high point.  This is from January 2012, a bit over a year ago at this point.

My high recorded weight was 295 on this day.  I know for a fact that I got up over 300 pounds stark naked in the near future after that post though.  295 scared me enough to get my fat ass to the gym and try to make a difference but I still ate like shit and didn't keep it up.
A short while later after a booty call I ended up back on the scale again, standing around in natures bathing suit and saw the number 303.2.
This is the number that freaked me the fuck out.
Never before have I topped the scales over 300 pounds.
Never before had i not stopped getting close to or breaking the 290's for that matter.

I generally stayed between 270-285 for a period of at least 6-10 years.  It's where I settled and while I knew it was bigger than I should be, wanted to be, I stayed there because it was easy to maintain.

January 24th 2012 - 295 pounds
February 21st 2013 - 236 pounds

What a difference eh?
My goal at the time (and still is currently) was to get down to 220.
This is the weight that I believe I was at some point during my college years before medication expiraments, mac and cheese and chicken wraps took over my body and I balooned up to 260 and was left with stretch marks that make a lady who has been through two child births say what the fuck, man?

I've always wanted to get Flames tatted around the stretch marks to make it look cool.  I never did and never will, but it was a desire when I was younger.


  1. When I was a kid, I think I used a ten-pound bowling ball in a kid's league. After one game, it began to be a hassle to move around. More gutter balls, lower scores, sore arm, etc.

    You got rid of 6 1/2 of those bowling balls, and you had to carry those things around all of the time. That's fucking fantastic. Congrats!

    1. Thanks man,

      I also see it as having stopped carrying around an entire 8 year old kid every day of my life as well!

  2. Wow, congrats for sticking to it. slow and steady wins the race. Fuck 60 lbs is frigging awesome!

    1. Thanks lady and thanks for checking in.

      My road to self improvement continues.
      Weight, Finances and Smile.

      It's so much easier with the support of the blogging community and I appreciate it so much.

      If you ever hit the town again I"ll be all skinny and shit and sweep you off your feet!
      I miss your WHORES, btw