Thursday, February 28, 2013

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin go a long way back and over the years there have been a few different Robin's come along as side kick to the caped crusader.  This version of Robin is none other than Master Bruce's own son, Damian.

Damian comes into this story after being raised for 10 years by his mother, an Al-Gul, training him to become an assassin.
Upon meeting up with his Father Damian learns how to become a Robin and how to control his killer instincts while battling baddies.
Over the course of the 1st 14 issues Damian changes from cold and heartless to someone more assuming for the role of Robin.  During this run he is also out to prove his mettle against 3 previous Robins who all have current Bat-books out in the wild.

Depicted to the right are all of the past Robin's (maybe all of them, IDK) who have current books out with DC's New 52 line.
Nightwing (Dick Grayson, book Nightwing), Red Hood (Jason Todd - killed by the Joker before coming back from the dead, Book Red Hood and the Outlaws), Red Robin (Tim Drake, Book Teen Titans) and Robin (Damian Wayne, book Batman and Robin)

My current preferred order of these books is Nightwing, Batman and Robin, Teen Titans and then Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Robin sure has come a long way from Dorky sidekick with bad punch lines to what he is today, a well oiled detective machine.

I enjoy the interaction between all of the various Robins when it comes up and I think it's something that they should do more of.  Having various Robins cross over and help each other out.

So, my current Reading Quest is complete.  I've now finished every title associated with Death of the Family  and am ready to finally tackle the story line that is supposed to have sent a far reaching rippling affect through the Batman Universe.
There are some Bat books that I haven't read yet and I think that I'll tackle those after Death  just so that I can be up to date on all of them.  Then I can keep up as they are released monthly instead of having to make huge strides like I have these past few weeks.

Oh Joker - I see you out there laughing at me, waiting to lure me into your story.  I'm excited.


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