Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tis not the Season

So, if anything I"m beginning to learn that I was not fully prepared for the decision that I made when I chose to give up snacks for Lent.

You see, this is the first year I have ever bothered to partake in this whole Lentacular thing and I didn't do any research.
Do you know that it's Girl Scout Cookie Season?
Do you know that it's Cadbury Egg season?
Do you know that Lay's just released 3 new limited time only chip flavors?

I mean - Ugh.
Giving up Snacking - WTF was I thinking.

However, I'm holding steadfast and I will win this battle.  I have the will power to succeed and the last year of eating better (and less) in order to drop 60+ pounds have proven that too me.

So, I feel like I'm going to make a minor deviation to my original plan.
I'm going to buy a box of Thin Mints.
I'm going to buy a few of the Chocolate Filled Cadbury Eggs. (hopefully not an entire box though).
And I'm going to buy a couple (small) bags of the new Lay's Flavors.
Mainly I'm only interested in the Sriracha flavored chips, and I know that I could just add my own Sriracha to the chips and it would pretty much achieve the same desired effect - but it's not going to go down that way. I really just want to try them dammit.   The chicken and waffles sounds delish as well, as does the Cheese Garlic Bread.


  1. They were giving out samples of these at our local mega-grocery complex and I tried them. The cheesy garlic bread was decent, but that's not a flavor you can scarf down a whole bag of. I'd tire of it after just a couple of handfuls. Maybe that's good. The chicken and waffles was, in my opinion, disgusting. The maple syrup flavor overpowered pretty much everything else. It was a big bag of maple flavored chips.

    The sriracha was my favorite by far. It was like a fiery barbecue flavor or something. It led to some almost instantaneous heartburn, but they were yummy. I predict that flavor will win the vote and stick around.

    1. you are going to but these away untile after lent right

    2. JT88 - Thanks for the feedback.
      I hope the Srirach sticks but I can't take that risk.
      Sadly, I was reading online and looking at opinions and it appears to be a huge mixed bag of what everyone likes.
      I've heard good and bad about all of them.

      Chips are my BIGGEST weakness though - so I have to try them all.
      I'll buy one small bag of each (the 99 cent or $1.49 variety) so I can try them (which leads me into part 2 of this reply)

    3. Yes old man - While I will be buying a bag of each of these - they will be hidden away until AFTER lent is over.

      One week down and 5 more to go....

  2. If you eat the chips with a meal, they're a side, not a snack. If you have the cadbury eggs and/or cookies with a meal, they dessert, not a snack.

    This way, you aren't

    1. cokeboy - you read my mind.

      On Valentines day I had this discussion with the lady and I told her I'm giving up Snacks but not deserts.
      She asked me what the difference was and I told her that Deserts were part of a meal - an extra course at the end.
      Snacking is eating random junk food at times other than meal times.

      However, even with this little loophole (and of course anything involving Catholicism SHOULD have a loophole) I'm sticking to my guns.
      Chips, Combos, pretzels, etc.... I'm doing away with them until afterwards.

      If I take her to a restaurant and have a small (shared) desert with her then I will accept that as not falling into my lent pledge.