Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weight Loss - The TBC Diet

I've gone and done it now.
I've gone on the TBC Diet of soup and mashed potatoes.
Oh, it's a pretty bloody exciting thing.
Throw in a slowly and carefully eaten banana now and then and you've got a recipe for TASTE!

For those not paying attention I had my 1st of 3 sessions with my Dentist and his lovely assistant.
She put her boobs in my face twice - though I'm just going to believe it was not intended, she just didn't think about what she was doing.

For my pleasure I ended up with 3 prescriptions, one being Hydrocodone.
Shit makes me loopy, I try to not take it unless the pain gets intolerable.

Tomorrow, if my calculations are correct, I'll have officially dipped below 235 pounds.  It still doesn't feel quite right even typing that number out because it's been so long since I weighed so little.
I've always been a bigger guy and have no desire to actually be slender, just healthier - However I don't think I've been this *small* since before the Baltimore Ravens won their 1st Super Bowl.  Oh yes - it was sometime in the 90's!

Getting sick, ditching the snacking and now being stuck on a mostly liquid diet have all accelerated the weight loss a bit.
I have no doubts that tomorrow at Weight Watchers I'm going to get some remark about how I've lost too much weight since my last attendance and how I need to make sure I eat all my points and blah blah blah.
It's like they panic if you lose more than 2 pounds in a week.  They want to find out what you are doing wrong and correct it.  Whatever.  Take my 5+ pounds and deal with it.
The fat boy is become just plain ole husky again.

What I could really go for right now is a big bowl of Ice Cream.
It's my comfort food when I'm going through my dental crap.
In fact, there is a Stone Cold Creamery right beside the dentist office and up until this last visit (and my next two as well) I've hit that place up every time after getting some major work done.
When the numbness wears off it's such a nice delicious treat.
My timing just sucks, royally.

Today I decided that the day after Lent ends I'm making a trip to Henderson to get a big Elvis Frozen Concrete from Mr. D's Frozen Custard.
This is my treat to myself for making it 40 days and 40 nights, surviving the flood and living with beasts.

Now - it's time to go read my new comic books.
I've got some catching up to do.


  1. Congrats on the loss, nice!

    What I could really go for right now is a big bowl of Ice Cream.

    Breyers makes a CarbMaster ice cream that has no sugar added (splenda instead I think) and low in carbs and it tastes pretty good.

    1. haha.
      Thanks for the suggestion but breaking the rule is a no-go no matter how much you readers try to tempt me with facts and logic and loopholes :)

  2. I used to a get mudslide or something similarly named at DQ. I don't know why they offer it in small and medium sizes. How much weight have you lost?

  3. Ice cream is a snack? I thought it was a meal. That's what I had for 3rd supper last night.

    1. mmmm, I can't wait to have 3rd supper again :)

  4. I noticed there was a big zero-day file up and wondered about you seeing it. Looks like not a worry. ;-)

    1. Oh yeah - I'm pretty much right on those when they are released...
      However, I generally don't get them from the site you shared with me as I have found a source elsewhere that has a set schedule on when he puts stuff out.

      I think whoever posts it at the other place just takes his files and re-ups them for the private site.

      Also - I was thinking about applying for uploader so that I can add some random comic and music collections of my stuff....
      But I'll give that till the Summer I think.