Friday, February 15, 2013

Last of the Sickness

Last night was hopefully the night that my body finally decided to recover.
Other than my cough and occasional annoyance breathing the whole evening went well.
I started to feel a bit loopy right around the time I left my lady's house and drove home.
My head was going into a fog, like I just woke up from a really deep sleep and my mind hadn't recovered.
I figure'd that I just needed to get to bed as my body was tired.
When I got home I started to freeze.
The house felt like the temperature dropped 30 degrees.  I was shivering.
I threw a blanket on and it felt like it got colder.
I jumped into bed under two big blankets and couldn't get warm.
I added my dog to the mix for body heat, still shivering.
I lay there, curled in the fetal position trying to get warm and 20 minutes later it started.
Heat, extreme heat.
Someone turned the heat on in the house.
It's now 100 degrees, I'm sweating from every orifice on my body (yes, I checked).
I couldn't get comfortable.  My body was drenched but if I moved and got any of the cold air outside the comfort of my blanket it felt like that limb was going to get frost bite.
It was a battle of extremes all night - or at least until I finally fell asleep.
At one point I had to take all my clothes off because they were too restrictive and uncomfortable.

It bloody sucked and I barely got any sleep because of it.
However, I'm going to assume that was my body warding off the evil spirits that invaded it so that I can start the recovery process.

Being Sick Sucks.
But, at least it waited until after my big date.


  1. But, at least it waited until after my big date.

    You willingness to share is so sweet. Hearts, flowers and mucus etc. from every orifice. What a lucky lady.

    1. I say she got me sick to start with and as such this is her penance

  2. I've sprayed the whole house down with lysol, washed all the blankets, mopped the floors, scrubbed counters, etc. after my boys were sick, so that I don't get it. I hate being sick.

    "I added my dog to the mix for body heat, still shivering."
    (Sounds like it might have been a 2 dog night.)