Thursday, March 21, 2013

A thought about Older Posts

So, my blog has been getting a very unusual number of hits within the past month or two.
In fact, while my average views had settled down a bit now they are all the sudden spiking and for the most part I think it's spam oriented.

A post about my puppy has well over 1000 views.
A post about Splitter and by Splitter are getting big views.
Just recently my post (from last year sometime) about Insert Coins has been getting a bunch of hits and spam posts.  (I've been deleting a bunch of spam lately - though blogger catches most of it).

So, I was thinking about these posts that are getting targeted for reasons I cannot comprehend, should I alter them? Delete them?  Will any of it matter?  Will I just end up getting a new post or 3 targeted instead?

I started this post earlier today but due to the internet collapsing upon itself (at least in my house through my wireless connection) I was unable to finish it.
So, Really quickly I'm going to show you a picture of how one person decided to stumble upon my blog today.  I really wish that it would tell me which Post popped up for said search.



  1. What are you imbibing? 1000? Who says? I not calling you out. I'm sure it is there. But, the page ranking sites are not saying that's the case.

    If you can document it though, it is time to sell the blog to a fish.

    My Alexa Rank aces your out by a couple of hundred thousand and my site sucks for readership which has been slipping since Black Friday.

    Back then I had an Alexa at 320K and now it is 970K with you at 1.17M. I always thought early lower number (low is good) had something wrong with them as I have never had a huge readership.

    And my best search is for "Artie Johnson's Very Interesting" How lame is that?

    1. I'm not saying that I'm getting a large number of hits by any means at all - I'm saying that for my small viewer-ship I'm getting more than I should.
      the 1000 was a running total since posting.
      I've got two that Blogger tells me have over 3000 posts and those are the two that get the most blocked Spam Comments that I end up deleting.

      I should be lucky If I'm getting 80 views a day unless people are coming back and looking to see if there are new replies or something.
      I shouldn't have blogger telling me I just had a day with 500 views - that is beyond the scope of what should be possible.

      I know 80% of my views are spam orientated and was just "thinking out loud" as to what would happen if I delete those posts that have somehow been targeted by the spam bots.

      Most of what you said is foreign to me though.
      Alexa Rank? Is she hot?

  2. Maybe I'm just a mean drunk and keep reloading random pages of yours when I'm blotto to mess with your head.

    1. You're my type of reader - helping me get to that 100k pageview mark one beer at a time

  3. I recently noticed that a lot more spam has been slipping through on my previous posts. Makes me wonder if Blogger has somehow changed.

    1. I'm not getting a whole lot slipping through the filters, just a few a week at this point.

      I find it amusing to open up my comments section and click on "Spam" to read some of the stuff that gets caught though.

    2. When I open my comments, I don't see "spam" to click on. How do you do that?

    3. MoJo
      I edited the post and added a pic.

      When I go into my Dashboard and go to the comments section - above is what I see.

  4. When a blog like yours becomes popular, it is not surprising that people take advantage by spamming your comments. You'll just have to be more vigilant.

    1. All dead links.
      I was interested in the LVTunnels PayDayLoan link because I want to go play poker tonight but my fundage is a bit on the short side.
      Maybe we can meet up and you can loan me a Washington or two?

  5. So I should be posting about puppies, hmmmm? :) I've had an uptick (from zero) in spam comments over the past two weeks... I am looking at about a 1,000 view week this week, so anything is possible regarding those numbers... ;)