Friday, March 15, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust

I suppose it's obligatory that if I'm going to use that as my post title then I should at least provide the soundtrack for the reader.

There we go, got that out of the way.
The post title really is just about the fact that just a week or two into his new position I have already had one of my part time employees up and quit on me.
Turns out that the guy had some sort of bad issues with arthritis and all the work that was required of him was just too much to handle.  Thus, when I become fully staffed I am now back to being just kinda sorta staffed.

I was told today that after a month or so they would look at the hours and decide if they were going to replace him or not.  Here's to hoping the guy who just started this week makes it longer!

And, my much more preferred version of the song, done by one of my favorite performers.

Today before work I put an hour or so into God of War Ascension and am quite enjoying it.
Doesn't feel as hard as GoW 3 and the controls don't appear to be quite as smooth at times but I'm really enjoying the new moves and enemies.  It's quite satisfying.
The biggest complaint that I currently have is that they did away with the whole "Save Point" system though and now the game just has checkpoints where it saves itself.
Yes, that's the more modern way to do things and save points are pretty much antiquated at this time but I always enjoyed save points because you could create multiple save files.  I guess I'll never out grown the RPGer in me.
I read up a little bit on the trophies and it appears as there are only 1 or 2 of them that are Multi-Player Trophies which is a good thing for me.
In order to play the MP portion of the game you have to use your Online Pass, which I can't activate because it gives you 48 real time hours to earn double XP.  So, when I finally activate it I want to make sure that I'll have the two days off of work and other commitments so I can put a good amount of time into it to take advantage of the Double XP as much as possible.

Still trying to find a way to secure one of those sexy red systems without causing too much of a dent in my pocket book.
I can trade in one of my systems.
I can trade in all the games.
I can justify a certain dollar figure towards it because I was planning on upgrading my hard drive anyways (and the new one has a 500 gig compared to my 80 gig).
But, it's the difference between those two figures that I need to find a way to make up or justify!
First World Problems my friends.


  1. So a 500G drive is about 50-bucks. How much more is the system? It'll go on the plastic, right along with the root canal? Just thought I'd ask.

    1. Ken - The Root Canals are the only thing that go on plastic.
      Everything else comes out of my pocket.
      But I appreciate you looking out for my financial interests.

      I'm done with the debt cycle

  2. Wade and I are waiting for his birthday week to play MP. I'm so excited I peed :)

    1. I hate the fact that this game even has MP.
      I hate MP.
      There is no reason to include it in every title that gets released.
      This, Uncharted, etc...
      I miss the Single Player Story Mode days.

  3. Put a little Amish Paradise in this blog and it will really be smoking!

  4. Solid State Drives keep coming down in price. For a gamer, these are the nuts.

    although not a gamer, I bought a 120 gig SSD for my laptop for $109 (see here). Since then, I've seen them even cheaper.

    1. Yeah - When I get the fundage to start building my gaming computer I'm definitely going to be getting an SSD or two for my gaming portion.

  5. I picked up my God of War Legacy Bundle with the red PS3 on Saturday evening. Along with an additional controller and one other game it worked out to around $455. I paid for it with the roughly $600 I won this weekend at my local casino off the degenerate gamblers that follow the Heartland Poker Tour.

    1. The thing I love about poker is that you can just do random extra shit because of it.
      Oh - I want this thing - Let me go make that money....

      Congrats on the score and the pick-up!