Sunday, March 03, 2013

Hey Look - A Bonus

This past weekend has been pretty amazing.
With a few minor hiccups (like watching the movie Ted) it was pretty close to perfect.

I devoured the entire Death of the Family event from DC.  I think I want to read through it again before writing anything up on it (but probably not) but man I love the Joker.  By far my favorite villain in any universe and well portrayed throughout the entire event.  The only thing I wasn't a big fan of was the ending but I still think it was completely worthwhile and there should be a good amount of aftershocks felt throughout the Bat-Universe because of that story line and the effect it should have on the major participants.

I started reading Batman Incorporated in order to get more background and info on Damian and the 500 million contract out on his head.  This magazine is really hit or miss with me.  Sometimes I feel that it's got me spellbound and other times I feel like the words on the page are in gibberish and I'm all like "WTF did I just read?"  The art style really just doesn't do it for me either as it feels too all over the place.  I love the art for Batman, Detective Comics, Batgirl and Catwoman.  The I pick up a copy of Batman Inc and my senses are just thrown for a loop.  I'll probably keep reading (lord Knows I continue to read worse mags - i.e. Thunderbolts) for a little while if the stories interact with the other books, but if not I'll probably drop it from my list.

At my "all store meeting" tonight they delivered the good news that we bonus'd for the last quarter.  Then they proceeded to give out the amounts that everyone would receive.
I'm not sure whether or not I really like this practice of publicly telling everyone how much the bonuses are because of the vast variance between positions.  I know I don't like it, but I'm not sure how much I dislike it would probably be a better line to have typed.
Here is my logic.  There are several tiers of the bonus.  Part Timers, Full Time Peons, Pro's, Specialists and then Department Managers (in that order from lowest to highest).
On the one hand it gives people in the lower positions more of a reason/desire to achieve better positions.  Not only will your base pay increase as you climb the ladder but your bonus potential does as well.
However, for those who are already disgruntled it just gives them more reason to dislike those in a better position than them and causes more segregation.  "Oh yeah, I work harder than such and such and they get 3 times the bonus that I get."
To me it's along the same lines as the old adage "Don't discuss your pay with anyone else."  It's no ones business.  But, I'm probably in a minority here.  I don't care if people know what my bonus is, they can ask and I'll tell them.  However, if I were just a lowly part time CSA working my ass off for a pittance then I sure as shit don't want to hear that the Specialists and Department Managers (and maybe even the Pro's) are getting a bonus that is probably twice what my check normally is.

The good news is that this bonus will show up on Friday's check.  Friday just so happens to be our planned trip to Vegas Motor Speedway and thus the cost of the tickets is not an issue.
Another major portion of this bonus is also being tucked safely away for the tickets to Disney at the beginning of the summer and it will be nice to not have to worry about where that money is coming from.
The 3rd portion of the bonus - well - I think daddy needs a new pair of shoes (so to speak).
I am going to treat myself for surviving 2012 and for a planned amazing 2013.  I don't know how I am going to treat myself right now but I know that I will.

Today I was able to eat with absolutely no pain.
So, this week is going to be a good one.
Thursday (hopefully) I get my permanent Crowns and after the little bit of pain goes away from that I'll be good to go.
Ahh, I do not plan on eating very healthy tomorrow at all :)

Good night friends


  1. Good post. I'm glad to hear that things are looking up for you.

    I agree with you about advertising bonuses. I think that it is almost entirely a negative thing. The only positive is the carrot for the lower-level folks--inspiration to climb the ladder.

    But the negatives are massive, I think. I can see myself, as a lower-level dude, feeling worse about getting a shitty bonus than if I had never received anything at all. Then I'd probably start stealing shit. Then prison. Then I become my cellmate's girlfriend, and all because my company advertised my shitty bonus. If only my company had stayed quiet about my bonus, I would've been happy about it and remained heterosexual.

    1. I'm going to show your reply to my bosses and let them know the ramifications and how they could be turning the whole store into prison rape victims.

  2. Yakshi is dead on. The idea of them announcing the amounts of the individual bonuses publicly is a horrible, indefensible idea. All it does is reduce low morale among the employees, I can't believe anyone would think it was smart.

    Seriously, the people at your employer who came up with that idea, and those that approved it, are complete idiots who should be fired immediately. They are clearly incapable of doing their jobs properly.

    Please show this comment to your bosses as well, and I'm sure it will get you a nice, additional bonus, especially after the idiots who need to be fired are indeed shit-canned.

    1. I'm glad that everyone is in agreement with me.

      Stupid move.