Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weight Loss progress update

It's been a bumpy road over the last month or so - at least that's the way it felt.
I was sick and lost a good amount, then I was having dental issues and eating very unhealthy and gained it all back plus some and then I got sick again (due to dental issues) and lost again.

The net sum of it all?

Well - One month ago I took this Picture.
Well - A month and two days ago to be precise - February 12th 2013.

As a refresher - my weight for all intents and purposes of this blog is a 1st thing in the morning (when I wake up I consider that to be morning no matter how late in the day it might actually be) before I've gone and put a whole lot of stuff into me and without a whole lot of clothes on.  For my purposes I'm more interested in my natural weight currently.  Why? Because it's less and makes me feel better and when I saw that I was over 300 pounds that's what I was wearing at the time as well - Not A Bloody Thing!
My "Weight Watchers" weight is significantly different because that happens at 6pm at night fully clothed.  I've been eating all day long and got stuff weighing me down.

This morning I took this picture.
The first thing everyone will notice (and was pointed out on Facebook) is that I've got a bit of a case of Hobbit Feet.
The second thing you should notice is that in the past month I've lost nearly 6 pounds.

Starting at 303 I've now dropped 70 pounds.

I'm now 13.4 pounds away from my goal of 220 that I set when I began this whole journey.  Looks like I'll be hitting that before Summer and I'm pretty stoked about it.
Funny thing is that as I near my goal I still look at myself and say "Man, you're still a big fat tub of lard with a lot of progress left to go."
It's true, it's true.  So, as I inch closer to my first goal of 220 it does appear as though I'll set my next goal a bit lower instead of just being willing to maintain there.  I'm still not satisfied with what I see when I look at myself and in my mind I'm still that fat 280 pound bastard that I've been for the last decade.

Progress, it's what's for Dinner!


  1. You're not fooling anyone. Those socks weigh at least 5 lbs.

    1. I hate when someone figures it out with the first reply

  2. Fat, ugly, right big toe. You sure it is on the program. Looks rebellious.

    1. Fucker said he'd be the last part of me to lose....
      He's holding strong.
      Thinking about amputation

  3. Oddly, you make me want to gain weight, just so I can lose it.

    1. Gaining weight is so bloody easy even you can do it

  4. Yeah I call fowl on the socks!! ;)

    Great job! What height are you again? I would think 230 would be really good for someone your height. I seem to remember you being tall from pictures but that can be misleading.. especially with those Hobbit feet.

    1. I'm your run of the mill average height guy.
      5'9 give or take a few millimeters.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss. Do you have plans for a maintenance diet?

    1. Mojo - I sure don't.
      I'm not good at planning ahead.
      At this point I'm not even sure what my overall goal to get down to will be.
      As I'm approaching 220 and realizing that I've still got this large and in charge gut I'm thinking 200 or maybe I'll have to exercise to tone some flabby areas up to see where that goes.

      After being huge for a decade plus I guess the skin just doesn't snap back into place like it was meant to.

  6. You're gonna pass me... GREAT JOB!!