Monday, March 04, 2013

Tonight Tonight Tonight

oh OoooHHhHhhHh
Sometimes you just need to quote Phil Collins.

Today at work was one of those days that you just dread.  There isn't enough time in the day to accomplish what needs to be done and I blame it on scheduling (to a degree).

Today I had an opener and a guy working 8-1.  I came in at 1:30.  So, for me there was no coverage at all - I was alone - I was all by myself.....
Sunday, from what I'm told, was one of those brutal days where there are so many customers with a million questions that it's hard to accomplish anything other than helping.  A gent from another department informed me that we were so busy in plumbing he came over and helped with 4 carts of returns since the help was desperately needed.
However, none of this mattered to my opener who wanted to just bitch up a storm about how bad the department looked.
This guy is going to be fun, Oh Boy!

When I got in there was still some freight that needed done.  There was a lot of cleaning up that needed done and there were the tasks which I had planned on doing that got put off until tomorrows shift.

Retail - you are a fickle bitch sometimes.

Now that I'm fully staffed in both of my departments I need to hold either one or two "departmental" meetings.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do them all separately or if I'll do both at once.  I'm leaning towards doing them individually.
I also need to make some time to meet with all of my employees individually and discuss expectations, their aspirations and whatnot.  Those meetings will be the most interesting as I have a feeling people are going to be willing to talk about things one-on-one instead of with the whole group.
So, I should do those first and bring up any issues and concerns once the group is gathered.
I need to make sure I get these done before March ends to get them out of the way.  They want us to have these individual meetings every 3 months and the group meetings probably twice a year would be good I think.

And now for a completely random picture

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  1. So - what you're saying is more upbeat posts or at least more random pics to add a smile?