Wednesday, March 13, 2013

God of War Ascension

Just dropped off at my door from
While I won't have much of a chance to play it today I'm quite excited that it's here.  Tomorrow I'm going to devote a few hours to it.

Tonight I'm bringing over the lady and kid and think I'm going to have to hide the Game/Statue because he is going to want to play with both.  The thing about 7 year old's is that if it looks like a toy they think it should be a toy.  Every time he comes over he questions why I have so many toys if I won't ever take them out of their package and play with them.  "That's stupid."

The Steelbook case
The Box it all came in
The Statue

I absolutely love the God of War Games.
I was a little late to get into them but when I started playing I became instantly hooked.  As far as action games going the teams that developed GoW and Kratos knocked the action out o the park.  I'm not strictly referring to the look and feel of the game but I'm talking about the controls as well.  Everything flows so well and it all works beautifully and since that time other games have tried to copy/adapt the system in order to fit other games (and none of them work nearly as well).
Dante's Inferno was a strict God of War knock off done by EA and while it was fun it was no where near as good (control wise).
The last console version of Castlevania owe's much of itself to God of War as well.  The control scheme completely changed from what it was before to the GoW Adaptation that it became trying to still cash in on it's old (successful) name but capturing a new audience familiar with this type of new action.

So, here's to you Ascension.  The 6th game in the franchise and the first with multiplayer action (which I expect to hate).  I'm going to have to play the multiplayer just because I want to get the Platinum Trophy for every GoW game, but I can't wait to rip into the single player campaign.  
I think I just found what is going to slow down my comic book reading for a while :)


  1. That'll slow down the comic book reading for sure. That's a fun looking toy in the bottom picture.

  2. Having not played any of the God of War games, where would you suggest I start? Might have to pick one up while on vacation in a couple of weeks to sample. Don't have a lot of time between work and school but I've been looking for something new and this game looks good!

    1. Gamestop had God of war saga for $19.99 recently. If It's still that price pick it up. That's the first 5 games in one package.

  3. I'm upset about the push back date of Gears.

    1. what was it pushed back to?
      I have not heard this.
      Though, that leaves more time for Kratos

    2. My friend is a manager at a GameStop. I called him on the release date, midnight release for GOW was a mess.

  4. I've not played any of the God of War games, but my 20-year old was raving about them. I've got a work bonus burning a hole in my pocket. I might have to go pick up that special God of War PS3 Bundle for $350 that includes the special red PS3 with wireless controller and all of the God of War games including the new Ascension.

    1. I'm 100% considering trading in one of my PS3's (maybe both?) To get this Bundle.
      Though Europe gets the badass GoW Controller.

      I need to talk to someone about trade in values though because I want to know what my PS3 would get me - then I'd also trade in or sell off the games that come with it (since I already own them all).
      But man that Red System sure would look sweet sitting on my mantle (I don't have a mantle, I'm a liar)

    2. A year or so ago I got a new 55" LCD for my man cave and moved the old 61" DLP upstairs to the living room where my wife usually hangs out. She's been complaining for a while now that she doesn't have a Blu-Ray player up there. I broke the news to her that I'm buying a PS3 by saying, "Good news! You're getting a Blu-Ray player for the living room!"

    3. Sweet.

      That's the stand up and take charge kind of attitude that I like to see in my readers!