Tuesday, March 05, 2013


So, the original Gnarls Barkley song has recently started playing at work a couple of times a week and I pretty much hated it when it came out.  It's catchy and whatnot and eventually I got used to it.  However, loving all things parody I really let my shit hit the floor first time I heard this other version.
So, now that Crazy gets stuck in my head now and then out of nowhere this song came back to me and keeps getting stuck in my head.

Last night was a pretty low dorky dream.  My dream was that I was actually reading comic books (yes, I dreampt that I was sitting down and reading comic books, flipping through the pages and trying to make sense of the story) and the whole time this song was in my head.
Then when I awoke it stuck in my head and I had to share with all of you.

You can thank me later, especially Waffles! - Or, should I say, especially Waffles!!

Now, after 7 straight nights of Closing shifts at work I have to go work a mid shift and I think I'd actually prefer another close.
Tomorrow is an open and I think I'm going to switch that to a Mid with one of my guys as I really don't want to open on a freight day, ugh!

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