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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Number 47 - Peter Chien

After what seems like years of stagnation I'm happy to report that I've finally added another member to the cult of grrouch!

Everyone please warmly welcome Peter Chien to the family, slap him with some wet noodles and take away his Top Ramen if he gets out of line.

In Poker news there is a small chance I'll be getting out late tomorrow for a session with Rob and Prudence if they are still playing (or I guess depending on how long they will be out playing).

Friday, however, I am making it my own personal mission to get out and play with them no matter what.

Also, Grouse is in town March 26th - 29th and I am going to try my damnedest to get out and meet up with him one evening for either a poker session or a heavy drinking session.
Looking forward to it.

While I have taken off what feels like the last year from meeting people and playing games I'm really starting to get to the point that I miss it.
Used to be a time that I'd hit up the tables with Stump consistently.  Used to get a text from Rob every time he was in town so that we could meet up and take down some fish - or at least just have a good bloody time.
The poker tables are calling me and I need to find a way to answer.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you raise with 7-deuce again, man. Also anxious to see the new, svelter, frame.

    1. I've totally out grown raising Seven Duce
      I have no bankroll and can't afford to act a fool.

      And, I don't think I have any Svelt to wear tonight so - it might have to be just my old Silk rags again

  2. Hi - I'm hoping to get in some play this weekend. I've been playing Bally's a fair amount. If you'd like to get together for some play (to be honest, I'll probably only sit with y'all for an hour or so, before searching out more fishy waters ;-)), let me know.


    1. S.I. (all capitals because I'm totally a rebel like that) - at some point I would love to meet up with ya just so I can finally know who you are heh!

      Also, I am pretty much fishy waters all by myself. I've barely played in a year. I have no bankroll so I'm scared money.
      I'm probably a little tighter than the normal fish - but I'm still a fish none-the-less.

      I want to get back into this poker thing so I can figure out how to win again. Adjust my game, adapt to the new environment and start winning so that I can have a little extra income and be one of the cool kids.

      Whenever whatever is decided I'll be sure to announce it and if'n fortune doesn't smile upon us for one of the next few nights then hopefully in the near future!

  3. I am with you on the whole finding time to play cards thing. My problem is that with two young kids, I have not time for anything, so I am definetly looking forward to this trip to the desert coming up. Hopefully we find some time where our schedules match to get together for a little bit. Good luck at the tables.


    1. You going to be up late out and about?
      I think the 26th I work early and can be out most of the evening.
      the 27th I work a mid (till 7) and can be out late.
      The 28th I close (10:30) and can be out till the cows come home.

      We will make something happen.

    2. I am usually up much later than the old lady. Usually stumble to bed around 3 or 4 A.M. It will probably be a fairly early night for me though on the 26th. We have to be up at about 4:30 to catch our plane here in MN so that is going to be about 2:30 Vegas time. Not sure I am young enough anymore to do the whole 24 hour straight thing, but who knows. Sounds like we will be able to make something work though, so that is cool. Talk to you soon.


    3. Yeah - play smart and not tired.
      It's what I have done wrong on every trip to Vegas lol.

  4. My kid turns 21 this November and I promised him a long time ago that I would take him to Vegas once he was old enough. Look for us to hit town either around Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. We'll have to get together at the tables (or that awful strip club) when we're there.

    1. There is a such thing as an awful strip club?
      Poker or drinks sound more reasonable as I'm pretty damned sure I don't want to make me going to a strip club our first fight lol...

      Looking forward to you coming into town - when everything is concrete let me know!