Thursday, March 28, 2013

I played Poker (results inside)

I was the receiver.

Rob got to watch most of it.  It was uglier than it should have been.
I understand that Joy comes from doing well at something and as a result I think I'm coming close to losing my joy for poker.
It will probably be a while before I play again, and I know that I will play again.
But, maybe my focus is just elsewhere and even when I'm sitting at the felt my mind is wandering to other things too often.  Maybe I'm not focused enough and need to let a few things blow over before I can put the proper focus back into playing to make the game fun again.

Either way.  Session sucked.


  1. Could have stopped at "I played Poker" and we would have known the rest.

    1. We are so much a like in every other manner that I thought we could use some diversity, So I chose to suck at poker :)

  2. You call this a poker post, man? Where are the excruciating details of each and every suck, including descriptions of what the sucker-outers looked like, how they were dressed, and whether or not they were showing cleavage and/or wearing their caps backwards?

    Where were the discussions of possible or definite hooker sightings?

    And surely one of us said something humorous during the session? Actually I think you may have me there! :)

    Better luck next time. Poker is a stupid game.

    1. In the second sentence, I meant suck-OUTS of course, not just suck. I don't want details of each and every "suck".

      Just the juiciest ones (so-to-speak).

    2. I wanted to write more Rob but the truth is that I killed my phone which had my notes on the session and as such a lot of it is a blur.
      I remember winning a hand with AJ when I got him to call an all in and I remember losing a few hands to guys who were bluffing the whole way but caught a 3 out on the river.

      Poker is Stupid lol - but we love it.

      You being my mentor, I promise to do better next time.
      I hope to make you proud next time I make a poker post.
      Sorry master - I have let you down

  3. And I thought I was the only one who posted TBC-type analyses of poker. Screw the deatils -- get to the point. lol