Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Spider-Sense is Vibrating

Recently KenP sent an article my way that he thought might pique my interest.
He was right.

A bunch of geniuses came up with a suit to wear that has some built in censors designed to give you a real life version of Spider-Sense, the famous ability from our favorite web-slinger to detect things about to happen to avoid them.

In this suit you are hooked up to 7 different censors that will send impulses to you when it detects something.  This can alert you to an incoming danger like a wife entering the room or a nearing bookshelf so that you can adjust your course and steer clear of any trouble.

The prototype suit costs about $500 and the price is expected to be lower as costs are cut and mass production would begin.

However, I think this suit has some amazing implications for those that are sight impaired Stevie Wondered freakazoids.  Er... Blind.

Combine this technology with the coming Google Glasses and in short order I'm going to be impersonating the T-2000 but with new Spidey Abilities to make me nigh invulnerable!
I'll know your hit-points, I'll know your power levels, I'll know the last time your girl gave you a handy. And, when you take a swing at me my left nipple will vibrate telling me to duck, adjust to the right and kick you in your balls.

Thank you, Future, for being so cool.

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