Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Pretty much epitomizes me.  On vacation and dreaming about the super cool shit I could be doing if it weren't for the fact that I'm a big cheap ass and didn't put any actual thought into it other than "I don't want to be at work for this many days."

So here is a list of shit that I would rather be doing.
Eating very unhealthily
Touching Myself
Drinking Heavily
Playing Poker

The list could go on for a day or 3 so I decided to end it with Poker.
It seems fitting that I'm exiled from work and the world renowned Rob - the Vegas Poker enthusiast - is in town for an extended period of time and will probably be playing some sort of Poker at Big Casino's on the Strip during this time.
So, my new goal is that one night during this vacation I want to head out and play some poker, preferably with Rob and hopefully with Prudence.  Maybe the evening could result in a good story for her part of the interwebs.
Either way, I'm off (my rocker) and there is a new Pope in town (and sadly it's not Pope Corky the 23rd) so that's reason enough to celebrate right?

As for the here and now?
Well, I just Shit, Showered and Shaved and I've decided what I'm doing for lunch.
After that it's yard duty.


  1. Yes, as I commented on your comment on my blog, you can definitely join the fair Prudence and me for some of that pokers thing.

    If not for me, if not for Prudence, do it for your loyal readers who are no doubt dying for some poker content--and some vagina mentionings.

  2. Yard Duty. Blah. Poker. Yeay!!!!!!!