Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gym - Day #2

I'm not sure whether I should put all of my updates for everything here or whether I should separate stuff like my boring gym blogs into their own separate space.

What does everyone else think?
I'd be curious to know this answer because I don't want to alienate people from checking me out regularly because I'm posting too often and detailing the whole weight loss thing here.

Either way - I'll do it for a time or two more and if you all hate it I'll move it to it's own separate space and be done with it.

Because the gym kicked my ass so bad today I'm too tired to actually type about anything else.

so, without further ado.....

Today was the day that I weighed myself for the first time in nearly 6 months.
Wow - that was not a happy moment in life, though truth be told I was kind of expecting the results that I saw.
I have eaten horrible over over the past 6 months, I have gotten no exercise and as a result I have gained weight and am at my highest total ever.

Pretty disgusted with myself at the moment, but I'm working on doing something about it.

So, with that motivation I walked my fat-ass up the stairs and hit the elliptical.
Dear Elliptical,
I heart you
Love serge

Today my only goal was to get my 30 minutes in and to make sure that I got even just a slightly better distance than yesterday.
I have no clue how distance transposes itself into the real world but it's a unit of measurement and I might as well make some use of it.
Yesterday I did 2.01 of this magical distance unit.

Nearing the end of my workout I noticed that I was getting close to 400 calories burned so I decided I was going to keep going until I hit 400.
That's the little game I play with myself once I get into the routine of actually going consistently.
I look at all the little unit measurements and I tell myself that I'm going to go until I hit unit x - then when I hit that I notice that I'm close to something else so I say that I'll keep going until I hit that.
I keep that up as long as I can until I'm exhausted and then I quit mostly satisfied.

So, today it was 400 calories and that is what I did.
Ended up being 31minutes 30 seconds - 402 calories - 2.12 magical distance units.
I'm happy.
I'm exhausted.
I'm worn out.

I will probably take tomorrow off to recover then do back to back days Thursday and Friday and give myself the weekend off.
4 days a week will be good for a month or so.
There is a possibility that it will veer back to 3 days a week for the first few weeks depending on if I can keep it up come Friday or not.  Only time will tell.


  1. good on you brother,

    i used to drink far too much, since i virtually stopped i have seen my fitness levels go through the roof

    sounds like you got it straight up gangster, keep doin wut u doin (i use a paper diary too keep track of my progress and include time distance speed and also how tough it was - feels good to look back and see how i struggled to do x in x mins and now i can do y, weeeeeeeeeee!!!)

  2. I won't talk about discouragement until after the first couple of months!!!
    Also, don't encourage Tony to post nude pics - you never know with him.

  3. FBoy - I assure you I am NOT drinking loads. Disgusting.
    I've been eating a lot more fruits during the day as my snacks. Eating 3 times at work and once when I get home - then going to the gym about an hour or an hour and a half after.

  4. Sup FBoy here

    Make sure you are eating healthy too brooooo and not drinking loads, diet is a must, eat 4-5 small meals a day spread out, fruit, pasta, veg etc, not candy chips beer etc

    Also mixed blogs are a refreshing read, mixed doesn't include vp and poker lolol


  5. It hard to stay motivated but keep at it. Ive been real lazy lately and a bit banged up from a wreck so it's been awhile. Don't get discouraged. You won't see results right away but you'll feel better. Biggest mistake folks make is quitting too early. Also since Tony wants nude photos he should be willing to post one also then we call all vote :).

  6. I think you should just keep everything here. Nobody reads about poker all the time.. most poker blogs devolve to life blogs. It is just the natural progression.

  7. Love love love. Please exercise the beast to. He's a bored pup.