Saturday, February 04, 2012


Ladies, if you want to give your man the perfect VD gift, look no further than 3 dozen freshly baked cuntcakes.  Yes, if any lady were to offer me up a baking tray of exquisite delicacies such as those above I would be totally in love and offer to marry her on the spot.  Well, maybe not on the spot.
I'd, at first, ask her to point to the one which best represents what she will be presenting me with later in the evening.  There are a few there that one would consider unsavory, and a few others that are perfecto.
There is a veritable cornucopia of vagina in that pciture. Wide ones, loose ones, tight ones, white ones and black (chocolate) ones.  Some have decorations, some have hair, some have herpes and some are bare and one's time has come and won't be receiving any action for about 5-7 business days if you know what I'm saying.

All the time I see my friends on twatter post and hashtag their pick #foodporn but never have they actually been accurate.  So, I just twatted it to my twitter universe and I hope they all like it.

Tomorrow is the SuperBowl and unfortunately I do not have a plateful of the goodies above to pass out to my friends and loved ones at the party.  However, no one will notice because I'm not having a party either. I'm surprised that they are still allowing the SuperBowl to happen even though the Steelers didn't make it, but I guess fans of the other teams need to feel special now and then as well.

My current plan is to end up at the Mirage for a while - win a few giveaways and then retire to the comfort of my floor and blanket a rich(er) man than when I entered.
However, if my plans run amiss then I do have an open invitation to 2-3 different SB Parties that I will be willing to attend and drink myself into oblivion.  So, I feel that things will work out in my favor either way.

I will be meeting up with Lighting36 at The Mirage, and this will be our first formal introduction even though I know that we have run into each other on other occasions at Bally's since we both love playing there often.

The only thing left is to figure out what I am to do with the rest of my evening.
I can head out and play poker and put tomorrow at risk.
I can drink heavily and cry myself to sleep.
I can finish reading The Hunger Games.
I can play some Video Games.

Man, I lead a charmed fucking life!


  1. Nice, I have not seen that for a few years now.

  2. Here is one for ya: Not suitable for work!!

  3. VJ, just try to think about all the hard work that went into making these. You gotta admit it was a labor of love. The baker is a true artist with dough. Or whatever it is you make cupcakes out of.

  4. The menfolk like it, the womenfolk don't, that's about what I expected.
    Guy at work was showing the pic to everyone who would look yesterday.
    However, I got it from a female friend - so I felt if she could share I could share heh.
    After the superbowl hopefully I"ll have a post everyone can enjoy :)

  5. I agree with you. I love vaginas and cupcakes. Unfortunately this isn't a winning combination. It's gross. They're not even funny :(

  6. That is the grossest thing I have ever seen....and I've seen a lot. It bothers me that I find it so can a part of the human body be gross, but just is.

  7. Cyber-send one of those cakes over this way -- I gotta try one.

  8. Oh my god! What a picture! What a post! What cupcakes! Usually when I ask a woman to show me her cupcakes, I mean her ta-ta's. This brings the subject to a whole new level.

    These tasty treats are perfect for a whipped cream topping, btw. (and definitely NOT vinegar!)