Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pokah on da Weekend

Last night I headed out to meet up with a visiting Rob from Robvegaspoker and got seated at what I felt was a pretty good table all night long.  It had it's dry spots but there was definitely money to be made when you could raise to $15 pre and get 6 callers.

My only problem with all of that (here it comes) is that my run-bad is still going and doesn't appear to want to stop.

The session started Topsy-turvey and let me know I would be in for another night of variance right away.
My 4th hand in I raise to 12 with AK, the next player to act has double my chips and thinks about raising but ends up only calling and I also get called by another guy in position who has about $1100 in front of him.
Flop comes out JQK with 2 to a flush on it.  I check, next guy checks and big stack bets out $25 which both of us call.
Turn comes out a blank.  Check, Check $35, call, call.
River is another Jack or Queen and it goes Check, check $40, Call, Call.
Big stack turns up KT for top pair/Open ended.  I sigh a bit of relief and turn up AK for top pair better kicker and then middle man decides to turn up AA for "I've got you both beat and should have re-raised pre flop and made things less awkward for all of us."

So, now I'm sitting at half stack and it's about 4 hands later.  Table limps to me and I limp 77 as does everyone else.  Flop J75 with two Diamonds.  I bet out 12 and get called 4 ways including by the big stack.
Turn is a blank and I bet out $35, big stack raises it to $50. Everyone else folds to me and i put the remaining of my money in which big stack calls.  I table middle set and he tables flopped Top and Bottom and I'm only sweating 2 outs.
Pot gets pushed my way and before 1 orbit is even up I've lost half my money and gotten it back.

Rob joins my table a short while later and I get the seat change button so that I can move closer and converse. A hand or two later a seat opens up on his side of the table that was vacated by a pretty attractive player who moved to an incredible 2-5 game that had a ton of money on it.

My first hand at the table I get AhKh and raise it $15 which is called by 3 or 4 people, including the big stack.
Flop A36 (or something like that) and I bet out $35 which is called by only the big stack.
Turn is a 5 and I bet out $50 which is called.
Rive is a 2 (or a 4 or whatever puts an almost straight on the board) and I bet out $50 again which the big stack thinks about for a while but eventually folds.

A few hands later the old man between Rob and I goes to the 2-5 game and I move over one seat and now Rob and I are the 1 and 2 seats.  My first hand I get AK and raise it to $15 again with 4 or 5 callers.
Flop comes out KQJ.  Checks to me, I bet and only small blind calls..  Turn is a blank, check, Bet call.  River is an Ace, SB checks and I check - he has Pocket 10s and got there.

During the session I had some good luck.  Was down to $40 and there was a $15 raise in front of me with 5 or 6 callers so I pushed my 8c2c all in.  Next guy to act was the original raiser who called but every one else folded.  I was hoping for another call or two since there was so much in the pot but I wasn't fortunate enough. I told the guy that and he said "you must have a very good hand then" and I just let him know that I needed a lot of luck.
The luck happened in the form of 2 clubs on the flop and a 3rd on the turn giving me a flush.  I turned over my hand and took down a decent pot.
Next hand I get JJ and raise to $15 which gets 5 callers - $90 in the pot to the flop.
Flop comes out QJx with 2 spades.  Rob bets $25 into me and I really want to raise but I notice a bad player ready to call as well and thinking that I can make my move on the turn after the pot bloats itself (or someone else puts in a raise later) I just call.  Bad player calls and we take the turn 3 handed.
Turn is a King which is ugly.  Rob checks, I bet out $50 or so and everyone eventually folds.  Rob told me he was going to Hollywood it up before folding but decided not to haha!!

Then there was more bad luck.Flopping two two on on a KTx board and having AJ turn his gutshot to take down a nice pot.  Flopping TPTK and having middle pair call my pot sized bet to turn 2 pair and take down another nice pot (both of those hands were against the big stack at the table, he gambled and he got there and he did a nice job of keeping his stack large).
Then, Final hand of the evening I raise to $10 preflop and get 4 callers.  $50 in the pot to go.  I have KsQs.
In the game of poker, I am a muppet

Flop XTQ with the Ts.  I bet out $25 and get two callers (both have me covered at this point).  $125 to the turn.
Turn is the Js giving me top pair and open ended straight flush draw so I jam my remaining $99 into the pot.
Both players call me.
River another Q.  1st to act bets $100 and the other person eventually folds.
His flopped set of Tens take down a large pot as my trips are ugly and useless against him.

Somewhere over the course I also lost approx $125 in a flopped set under set situation.
So, while I had some ups, I had more downs and Poker sucks a big fat one.

Which reminds me, I'll hopefully be meeting up with Rob again today.
I've got a Strat-O-Matic Football game to lose, probably get destroyed most likely.  Then I'll head out and hopefully both Rob and I run well and profit big.

Poker aside, I enjoyed briefly talking with Rob and actually learning the identity of one of the players in one of his stories (and a dealer).
It was also nice of one of the dealers to remember me even though I really haven't played at that property much at all in the last 3 years.


  1. Well, it was great meeting you and playing with you, my friend. Really enjoyed it, despite the runbad we both more or less shared. You started good, I was awful, I made a comeback when you starting losing and then we both ended up down. That brunette in seat 8 (or was it 7) got both of us at different times. Wasn't she the one who beat you set over set? She beat my trip 9's with an unlikely boat (7/9) in the Big Blind. Worse than that tho, she wasn't showing any cleavage. Hey this is Vegas, babe, didn't she get the memo?

    I am impressed that you can recall so many hands. I have trouble remembering more than one from a session. I guess maybe you were taking notes on your phone? Anyway, still impressive. That said, I think the hand where you said I was going to "hollywood" you was a different hand than the one you recount. On the hand where I was going to hollywood you, that was really an insta-fold for me. When you hit the set of Jacks, I flopped top pair and on the turn picked up a gut-shot. So I was seriously considering a call or a raise, but decided the odds weren't right. Wuld have led to a great blog post for one of us if I had called and hit it!

    I was a bit surprised that you didn't text me or something when you entered the room, but it gave me the fun of playing "Who's grrouchie" and figuring out what table you were out and which one of the fish, I mean players, you were.

    1. Yes - I was going to post about how you had some unfortunate hands as well but it was getting too long lol.
      She got both of us alrighty, and sadly kept giving most of it away elsewhere until she got in a "cooler" type of hand.

      And most of the hands are from memory - which is why my Hollywood was out of place haha.

      I only held off texting you to see if my game was any good or not. Then, after my 1st orbit (losing 100 and then winning 100) I just had to share. I figure'd if my game was crap I'd find out where you were and put in for a table change!

      It was generally a fun session and I am looking forward to doing it again after my other obligations today.

  2. jesus christ

    tbcs post just gave me aids

    have read thru this and just want to say wp vbetting river on that Axxx board so many people lose the balls and chk it bk so vnh

    btw not sure about the 83s or w/e shove pre, im a big fan of topping up stack to 100bb plus fwiw (sry if missread the hand...i caught teh aidz remember)


    1. fboy - normally I do not allow myself to run horribly low like that, however last night I didn't want to run through more than a buy-in if I wasn't going to be winning.
      It was just a play and have fun night and the table was already pretty high variance (and my luck was mostly not on the good side of it).

      And yes - Tony's post was typical drivel "I'm worse off than you, feel sorry for me, I hate you all and I should be rich and never have to work a day in my life you assholes"
      He's got some bad juju in that head of his

  3. gd stuff keep up the good work my man

    1. Thank you mysterious Stranger

      And by good work you mean only losing one buy-in? lol

    2. hehe it was me fboy, i tried to reply to the above but didnt!

      btw tbc lolblocked me from his lolblog again heheheheh

  4. great write up...and it was about poker! In the first hand I soo thought you should've raised after the flop but i see you were up against AA so good you kept it too a minimum. Those were some sucky beats.

    1. I had a big internal debate about raising the 1st hand on the flop. Turns out I accidentally did the right thing.
      A big part of it was the guy to my left wanting to re-raise pre but then just deciding to call.
      I didn't like the board and I chose a passive way to get there.
      So, I ended up not having to re-buy before my 1st orbit was up, Oh Joy - go me.

  5. Did I miss something? Where is the report of you and Rob and the Las Vegas street walkers? Pictures, please ...