Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Fun Week

It happens again that Tuesday rolls upon me and I dread going into work.
Not your typical Tuesday, mind you, but it's one of those Tuesdays that start my week and I know that there is going to be a lot-o-fun going on.
My typical work week starts on Tuesday and goes through Saturday and normally there is someone else in the office to help get all the crap done.  That other person happens to be taking a week of vacation and I'll be left to my own devices, to work at my own pace and to make sure that everything gets done and runs smoothly.  Not entirely a big deal but it does mean that there is less slacking time for yours truly.

The other fun thing about the office is that while I have been there for over a year there are still a few nuances that I never take care of because the other person likes to hold certain powers to feel important.  I'm more than willing to let her get away with it because I don't want this office to be my career with the company and in-fact I didn't want it to go beyond one and a half years but I'm rapidly approaching that mark as it is.
I use that to my advantage when I need to as well. "Oh, I'm sorry. I never get to deal with that as (insert coworker) always handles those issues."  And them I'm off the hook for certain functions

Today will be exceptionally rough because Monday's are normally the "busy" days after the weekend.  The day where most of the customer complaints happen because they couldn't get a hold of anyone from 4pm Saturday until Monday.  As such I expect Tuesday to be pretty brutal with me playing catch up after 2 days with no one in the office and nothing getting done/touched in there.  Other than us two in the store, not a single person really knows how to do anything with the office at all except pay some bills.  So, that also helps to create a "hot-mess" when you work and no one else has for a couple of days.   What I am hoping is that means today will blow by quicker than I can think about it.

Tonight is a gym night no matter what.  I wanted to go yesterday after dinner but as time wore on I started to feel not well, probably something I over ate.  So, tonight I have to get back on track and hit it hard.
I am also going to start doing some minor exercises either before or after to help build muscle since muscle burns more calories than fat does.

Yesterday while enjoying a waiting room for far too many hours I read through about half of MockingJay - Book 3 in The Hunger Games Trilogy.  I'm enjoying it quite a bit and looking forward to seeing how the whole series gets wrapped up.  Taking my book with me to work and will get a chapter in before I work and then hopefully one or two during work which will put me on the last "section."

I know this is weird or anal or something, but it sorta bugs me a little bit who the author has made sure to divide everything neatly by 3 in all of her books.
There are 3 books.
Each book has 3 sections.
Each section has exactly 9 chapters
Each section is roughly 33% of the book (I have been checking my progress as I go along).
Each Chapter is roughly 3-4% of the entire book.
It's as if she broke everything down before hand and gave allotted a certain amount of space for each part of the story and did her best damned work to get it in that space.
There is no real reason this should bug me, I guess it's nice going into each chapter knowing how may pages it's going to be and how quickly I can get through it.  I guess I'm just too used to reading the likes of Stephen King where he can have a chapter that's 100 pages and then the next three chapters are less than 30 combined.  Variation.
Even with that minor annoyance the books are still really damned enjoyable and I'm glad that I've gotten into the them based off advice from a friend.
After I finish this I'll turn the the Songs of Fire and Ice series which really just makes me want to play Magic:The Gathering.


  1. I can never exercise after dinner... once I eat its coma city... I usually would do my runs before dinner and then eat.

  2. ^
    eat smaller meals and more meals a day, simplz

    FBoy imo

  3. I reallyhope you like that series, I enjoyed them so! You're good at taking suggestions :)