Saturday, February 11, 2012

Food, Dew and Games

Ahhh, food.  The forgotten pleasure.
I just ate a real meal for the first time in over 2 days and while that may not be impressive to some of you, it was torture to me.
I even made sure to overeat just so I could enjoy it more :)

However, it has been over 48 hours since i have had any caffeine and that is really a huge accomplishment. I know it doesn't seem like much to some of you but I have trouble doing without my Mt Dew for a long period of time.
Consider this - my typical day consists of me waking up and moving a foot or so to the cooler in my bedroom and bringing out the 1st Dew of the day.  This is normal. I start every day of my life with a can of Mt Dew (it's a can because I cut down from the bottles to drink less).  I'm a dew-a-holic.

Right now in my cooler I have about 14 cold cans waiting for me.  I also have two loose cans outside the cooler waiting for their chance to enter.  I also have two 12 packs and a 20 pack on deck for when the cooler magically becomes empty.  I seriously love the Dew.  So, for me to have gone over 48 hours at this point is pretty damned impressive.

Now, I have been looking at it and there are two ways that I can go with this.
I can take a step back and look at all the positive changes I have made in my life - going to the gym, eating healthier, no fast food, multiple small meals instead of fewer big meals, drinking lost of water - and decide that this is my perfect opportunity to cut back on my caffeine intake since I have basically flushed it all out of my system over the last two days.

Or, i can say f'it and wake up to the refreshing taste of heaven tomorrow morning and forget that these two days have happened.
I can tell you, no matter what I choose I am really looking forward to hitting the gym again on Monday after taking too many days off because of this whole Tooth Situation.

Other than eating and thinking about Mt Dew - the rest of my day has been spent playing Video Games.

Today I beat Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 and I put about 4 hours into Gears of War 3.
Matt and I got to chapter 3 before I had to take a break for pain meds and the whole eating thing I spoke of earlier.
Star Wars was definitely a fun game and one that I'll go through again and play on a harder difficulty.  I will probably play the 1st one first, then run through the 2nd again to get the full story in a row.
Gears of War 3 is shaping up to be a pretty good campaign as well.  I really love the way that they gave you the information for the 1st chapter in two pieces.
First you play as your standard COG's Marcus and Dom and go through and eventually beat a big baddy with a little help from your friends.
However, after that battle is over you jump to the "friends" perspective and you have Cole and Baird. You play their story up to the point where you helped out with the 1st big baddy and then the story converges.
I am enjoying it a lot and might put in another session tonight if Matt is up for it (living in PA he is ahead of me by 3 hours and our gaming times are off now and then) or we will pick it up again around noon tomorrow and blast through another couple of chapters - hopefully finishing it up tomorrow or at the very latest on Monday.
Then in a week or so we will hopefully start the Insane run with 4 player co-op.  It would be nice to get another game over with this weekend as well since I didn't play (and thus didn't beat) anything in January which puts me behind the pace that I want to keep up.


  1. Congrats on all the positive changes. Love me some Gears!

  2. Love the Dew myself too. Probably not as addicted as you. I mean, having a cooler in your bedroom with 14 cans....that's excessive. I can wait until I get to the fridge in the kitchen.

    1. The cooler also has a lot of Beer in it, does that make it better? :)

      I've actually had the cooler since college when I used it for my booze because the dorm provided fridge's were not big enough to hold anything substantial.

    2. Beer, huh?

      Well in that case, I'm glad to hear you're not addicted to the Dew.

  3. stay away from teh sugar

    gl fbooyoyoyoyoy

  4. Do you refer to the fridge as your cooler? If not, do you have a fridge? Around gears of war, put it in Friday night was cool. When you guys play on-line, look for me! I understand your love of the dew. I have a love of diet dr. pepper. I got through a 24 pack in a few days, my wife has asked me to "SLOW DOWN!" I tell her if I don't have one in a couple of days, the tick sets in.

    1. No, there is the fridge and there is the cooler. The fridge is for important things like food and water. The cooler is for more important things like Dew and Booze. They each have their separate roles in my life.
      As for cutting down, I have cut down over the years. There was a time where I'd down multiple 2-liters every single day. I cut down to multiple bottles a day and now I have cut down to multiple cans a day.

      However, after my 72 hour famine I am going to see about cutting down to just 2 cans a day and see how that goes for a while. I know it will be better for my health in the long run so I will drink more of the non fizzy, nothing added H2o that so many people are all big on now-a-days.

      I'll add you to my xbox live next time I am on. If you fire it up first go ahead and add me:
      grrouchie (2 r's).

      Also, it's not a tick. it's the DT's.
      I go through the same thing when I have been away from my Dew for too long.

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