Thursday, February 23, 2012


Man, I am weak.  Like, couldn't win an arm wrestling match against a twelve year old girl weak.
I've had my office job for a bit over a year now which means that I really haven't had any physical activity to help keep any type of muscle mass. Before coming into the office I worked with Doors and Windows and I also worked with Flooring.  Both of those departmetns helped to at least keep me in some type of physical fitness as it involved moving around heavy product on an almost daily basis.
So, being that I'm getting sick and have issues doing cardio when I am sick (with sickness comes shortness of breath which generally is very pleasant for an asthmatic) I decided to at least do a bit of exercise at home.  This exercise is coming in the way of push-ups and eventually sit ups.  I was not prepared for how weak I have actually become.
Being that my sourse of information is the internet I did a google search and looked up a bunch of web pages and settled on one of them.  This site basically tries to train the weak, like me, to slowly increase their strength and until you can eventually do 100 consecutive push-ups.  I'll be frank and say right off the bat that doing 100 consecutive anything is not my goal.  I just liked the looks of the program so that I could build up my strength and help to get into better shape.  Muscles are better than flab I have been told.

So, with my initial test, on Monday, I was able to do 6 push-ups.  Very weak and very pathetic.
I didn't fall into the worst category so I'm mildly happy about that, however still not a very big accomplishment.

This week I will be doing the first day of the program on both Wednesday and Friday and then next Monday I will hopefully be able to do the entire 1st week of the program.

So, Wednesday (doing Week 1 Day 1) I did 5 reps; 6, 6, 4, 4 and then 7 (for my - do as many as possible set).  However, I was struggling with the last 4 and as such I did the 7 as "girl push-ups" where my knees stayed on the floor instead doing them the real way.
Tomorrow, Friday, I will repeat the 6, 6, 4, 4 and then hopefully be able to do at least 7 max reps from the normal push-up position and then take the weekend off to rest so that I can start Monday fresh and ready.

This is going to be a fun addition to my cardio (once I'm done with whatever bug crawled up my arse) so that I can build up my lungs and some strength.  After a few weeks I'll start adding in the sit-up program to help work other muscles that are hidden under years of fat, neglect, abuse and Ice Cream! 

As I have been told, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit - Yesterday was day 2 of this so hopefully I can make it to day 21 before giving up completely!

I'm so weak ..... I couldn't bend a credit card without breaking a sweat.
I'm so weak ..... I couldn't bench press the bar with no weights on it.
I'm so weak ......I break quicker than 1 ply toilet paper
I'm so weak ......I got winded just typing this crap up


  1. Look who else took advice for the first time in a long time! Good for you, jive turkey!

    1. Actually, I did not take advice - I'd been looking at doing it for a but and decided to give it a go to see how really pathetically weak I am. Kinda sad but I had to share so people could make fun of me

    2. Que playita eres. Naco eres.
      You know that you won't get teased. You'll get encouragement. Maybe one or two jokes. Playita.

  2. Geez, man, get a grip! Uh ... maybe not a wise choice of words, but still ... lol.

  3. Don't give up. It will take time but you body will snap back. I would recommend a bit of machine work when u get back to the gym. I avoid free weights too many injuries. Speedo season is almost here time to ramp it up :). Dont worry what others think. I used to be intimidated to go to the gym then finally said fuck it and went.

  4. I have a few freinds who use the P90x videos and have had great results. No personal experience but I've heard good things.

    1. I, as well, have heard great things about those video's but I don't have the endurance to give them a shot, especially with my asthma.
      Maybe after I drop my 1st 50 or so then I can look at something as high impact as those are.

      Speedo season - I might have to find excuses to make it to the gym even more often.

  5. I have done this exact program. If you want to know how to succeed here is a tip. The program proceeds wayyyy too fast.. So do not fucking follow it exactly. Follow it as much as you can and then when you fail a day just redo that day. I did this and it REALLY worked. I was up to 5 sets of like 28 by the time I quit for some reason. blah. Anyways it is a good program but you have to follow it loosely.

    1. Thanks.
      And, I'm a big believer in altering things to fit my own personal needs. I'm sure the program works for people who are already kinda sorta in shape and not for big fat asses like me where the heaviest thing I lift every day is my beer.
      I do appreciate the feedback and I will be taking this nice and slow and going at my own pace.

      For instance, Today I'm just repeating day one and then next week I'm doing the whole 1st week.
      If I get to a day that I cannot do, I will repeat it until I am able to do it and continue from there.
      Hopefully I don't quit until after I'm past where you quit heh.

    2. I am going to start it back up too. You are inspiring me to do it.. been on the back of my mind for a few months.. we will have to send chest shots to Josie so she can judge lol.

    3. Reminds me you shaved your chest!! WTF, love? It's not needed, shave your back instead :)

  6. semi grunching here about pushups

    but i find that GTG pushups and other calesthenics (sp?) are an excellent way to quickly increase strength

    basically what you so is as manay as you can in one sitting but spaced out 4 times throughout the day, but i mean REALLY fucking go for it

    so if can do 6 pushups

    i wud say do as many half pushups (i.e. from knees, not from toes) do say 12 til ur fucked then 4 hrs late repeat and again

    do this every other day and u WILL see sick imrpvoements

    gl fboy

  7. I'm going to continue to believe that 6 is weak.
    Of course, I'm also fat so those 6 are supporting a lot of weight :-P

    Today is day 3, though I feel confident in a few weeks I will see some good progress on that area.

  8. f to da Boi, wtf is gtg? That's a term I'm not really familiar with.

    Also, what is your opinion on sit-ups? Same exact procedure?

    And thanks for the advice. You appear to be a wealth of knowledge that no one would have guessed from just interacting with you on 8cardstuds site.

    1. I fucking HATE situps. I actually have a pullup bar.. wonder if that helps the tummy? lol. Situps are horrible!! There is a 100 situps program also.. lol, and a pullup program! I love that 100- site.. it gives good outlines to follow loosely..

    2. I fucking hate exercise in general.
      But I'm a large fat-ass and something has to change.

      I'm getting older which means that my personality isn't going to carry me as much as it did when I was younger.

    3. Carry you,where?

      You're doing this for your health. So you are in your parents position so you can reach their age. This is the right reason. I am very proud of you.

  9. I know right? FBoy rocks! Who knew?

  10. quick msg as hu mtt about to start

    i duno wtf GTG stands for its jus wat teh kool kidz call it

    but yes i used the same for sit ups, i was reasonably fit but had a much larger upper body due to over doinf the glam parts of the body in the gym so really had a hard time doing sit ups, im not ashamed to say it but i struggled to do more than 5 full sit ups, now can do over 40 in 2mins and the way i got to that was by doing GTG

    i got up did

    half sit ups... as many as poss then 4 hrs later, repeat,...repeat 4 hrs later


    repeat over n over but write down how many u do each time n try n beat it, is weird but the body v quickly manages to get stronger sooo quick using this method

    by hald=f sit ups i mean these... BUT siting up allll the way as if u are doing a sit up (but less weight coz ur arms are out front rather than ur head

    next i crossed arms over my chest

    then eventually to full sit ups

    gl mate]


    1. I'll probably give this a shot with my sit-ups and see how things go.

      Day 1 - 2 situps, 2 situps, 2 situps.....
      Day 20 - 69, 69, 69, 69....


    tough game imo

    open 100% of hands
    let opponent spaz out

    1. Awesome hand there. Sometimes it's hard to misplay a hand while the opponent is showering you in money.