Thursday, February 02, 2012


I'm going to just say up front that the following will most likely be vulgar.
I doubt this will turn any of my readers away, but I just wanted to point out that I PLAN on using a few profanities.

So, it's that time again.  Every year I go through this and every year it appears to take me by surprise.  I have to make a doctors appointment to get my prescriptions renewed.
This, right here, is one of the reasons why I hate the medical system in Las fucking Vegas.  Everything in this town is built around fucking you, the consumer, over.  I'm cool with that.  Those big ass buildings down on the strip need to be paid for somehow and it sure as shit isn't coming out of the pockets of those rich enough to build the fuckers.  No, it comes from the ordinary people like you and I.  So, it is with that knowledge that I moved to this great city (and would not rather live anywhere else on this planet with the exception of some Asian countries for different reasons though).

When I moved to Vegas I pretty much just expected to get fucked going to the casino's - and if I paid enough extra at the massage parlors.  I did not expect to get fucked by the greedy medical system.
Everywhere I turn it appears that doctors think that I'm just a retard who then can bend over, not even bother to give me a slap on the ass and fuck me hard and (not) good while raiding my wallet.

So - I have asthma and rely on two different inhalers in order to keep breathing on a regular basis. The one inhaler is Advair which is pretty much gods gift to asthmatics as it has let me breathe better than I ever have at any time in my entire life before using it.  Through a quick trick on my former doctor in PA I managed to get the good version (read: higher dosage) prescribed to me.  
Advair comes in two doses - 250 mg and 500 mg.  I was using the 250 mg twice a day and one random visit to the doc he asked me which strength he had given me before and I immediately just said 500mg.  So, since then that is what I have been getting.  There is no difference in price between the two - however with the 500mg I now only take it once a day (when I remember) and it lasts twice as long.  Thus, i become a cheap ass and don't get it refilled as often as I should and I have a bunch of extras at the house so I can go a year if I wanted without a refill and without seeing my doc.

Hmmm, where was I.  Oh yes, getting raped.
So, my prescription has run out and I ask the pharmacy to order my refill, but the fucking doctor refuses.  I cannot get a refill of my LIVE SAVING MEDICATION until he see's me so that he can collect my co-pay and whatever the insurance picks up.

I have been seeing the same doctor since I moved to Vegas in 2006.  My last visit, in 2011, he walked into the room and asked me if he had ever seen me before as a patient.
He has my fucking medical record in his hand.  He has been my fucking doctor since 2006.
He is the one getting paid a FUCK TON of money to just write a fucking prescription and he has the nerve to ask me if he's ever fucking seen me before?  Don't you look at your fucking file before coming into the room you waste of sperm and eggs?  
Then, after checking my breathing, my lungs, my blood pressure and whatever else he does (and most of the time the nurse does all that shit anyways, not the fucking doctor) he writes me my prescription.
He tells me that I'm too fucking fat and I need to loose weight.
He tells me I should get blood work to check blah blah fucking blah and I like every other year I throw the paperwork away as soon as I leave the office.

Then, he as the fucking gull to write my prescription and only give 1 refill.  My prescription runs out in one year but I run out of god damned refills in 6 months. Seriously?  And when I try to get a new script he tells me he won't write one until he sees me again for a check up.
Bullshit.  What happened to docs listening to their patience and doing what was best for them instead of what is best for the wallet?

So, yeah.  I gotta go visit the fucker again.
I'm the fattest I have ever been in my life - and I have to go listen to him tell me that being overweight is bad for my asthma and my sex life and my continued trips to see him.  I can't see him if I'm dead and that means he loses out on some good money over the course of the years.  We would't want that to happen.

I have so much more to bitch about but I've typed up too much as it is.
In the future I'll tell you about the doctor who tried to get me to have surgery on my broken foot when it was not needed at all.  I actually had another doctor tell me that he probably was late on his boat payment.

Fucking bottom feeding ass hats.  If it wasn't for my asthma I would never fucking see any of them and just let my health degrade the old fashioned way.


  1. I only get pissed off at people I date :)
    You have no worries my friend!

  2. Remember...I think you're awesome! Keep writing despite my anal retentive self, when it comes to those words. Thanks for not getting too pissed off at me.

  3. I have had one on me for almost 30 years now. I would love to be rid of it.

  4. Brother Grrouchie - what are the chances you can get another doctor? I accompanied Toots to her doctor and it made me realize that there are indeed good doctors in the world. True story!!

    Best of luck with the Asthma. Used to suffer it until I quit smoking. A good Ventolin (or Proventil or another half-dozen trade names for Albuterol) inhaler was my constant companion.

  5. Yes. I appreciate you pointing it out and this is what I get for never proofreading.
    Someday I should take more pride in my work. I really do appreciate you checking out my words though, wring ones and all.

  6. I've been reading and like what you have put down, appreciate your inner workings. Please forgive me for this but I saw that you used, loose for lose and patiences for patients...I told my boss about this once, he's not my boss anymore. I can't help it...ugh!

  7. Josie - I combat life with humor :)
    My best "bits" have usually been me raging on something - but usually it was done to an Audience of friends in between classes at school or something.
    I will try to keep y'all entertained more in the future - less serious and more fun and excitement.

  8. Done
    and yes, Would like to meet up one of the days you are here.
    Hopefully Super Bowl Sunday as the games should be good.
    I have yet to play during a Super Bowl as I'm usually drunk and gorged.

  9. Awesome post. Too bad your misery produces the best posts - I guess you must suffer for your art. :)
    Funny shiat--->Hmmm, where was I. Oh yes, getting raped.

  10. Doctors always say (FILL IN THE BLANK...sickness)...ruins you're sex

  11. "...and I have to go listen to him tell me that being overweight is bad for my asthma and my sex life..." What? Fingers have gotten too chubby? : o P

    Hey -- I will not have internet access in Las Vegas. E-mail me your cell number ( if you want to connect up when I am in town. Still looking like The Mirage for Super Bowl Sunday for me.

  12. After pointing out the words that I used improperly, you come up with a sentence like the one above? I'd appreciate if you tried again, thanks :)

  13. Cool, hey you can crush my disect me at my blog on Gulf coast, I'm goondingy.

  14. Yeah, that did come out very funky and I tried to edit the sentence but it would not take. I wasn't trying to spam either, just offering my writing up to be red inked. What I wanted to say was, "Cool, hey you can crush me and disect me at my blog on Gulf Coast, I'm Goondingy."

    1. I'll get you in rotation on my blogroll!

      Thanks for checking in again!