Friday, February 10, 2012

Week of the Shit-Storms (week in review)

So I make a post about cats and dogs and I get my most commented on post yet. This started as an alternative post to Josie talking about how she doesn't much get along with the canine species.

On Twitter Poker Grump pointed me to an article about how cats, in all reality, might actually be driving their owners crazy.
There are a lot of words on that page, but it's worth a read.
I've also had fellow Blogger The Crafty Southpaw come back with an article about how he doesn't agree much with my assessment that cats are vile evil creatures from another dimension, but instead loves his cats and gives many reasons why. I would also like to point out that I'm quite happy that he spelled my internet alter ego correctly by including two r's which most people either over look or don't care about :)

I also accidentally stirred up a shit-storm on Robs Vegas & Poker Blog when I commented on a post comparing two people. I since have deleted my post and the person I pissed off has his deleted as well.  However, there was a lot of fun on Twitter that started because of my comment.

Small Potatoes wrote up a post that reminds me one of my main goals with being a homeowner, poker games.
I'm looking forward to being able to have friends over to the house (hopefully by the end of the year) to enjoy a nice small stakes game of poker withe some good snacks and a bunch of beer.  Sure, someone might accidentally win $20-$40 bucks one night but I'll be damned if first prize isn't going to be more about bragging rights.

I'm also going to re-point out that C.S. Splitter now has his books available on Create Space in print form. They will soon be coming to Amazon in print form as well. Or, if you prefer to go all new-age on us then you can also pick them up from in e-book form as well.

Conversely, editor extraordinaire Tricia Kristufek is also pimping out the Splitter books as well - and recently has converted her blog over to her own domain name.

Yesterday I finally got my lower wisdom teeth removed. It was a fun process full of extra Novocaine that made it hard to swallow for a while.  It took a good 3+ hours before the effects finally wore off and then the soreness set in.  It's not so agonizingly annoying like some people make it out to be, but the biggest annoyance is that I really could go for some food right now.
It's recommended that you eat baby food for the first day so that nothing gets into your new bloody wound and causes an infection, or keeps it open causing it to bleed even longer.  So, dinner last night was a bowl of ice cream.  Today thus far I had a slim-fast shake and i've got a bunch of power-aid drinks to get me through the day.  However, it doesn't stop my desire for real sustenance.  I'm going to gorge when I get the chance.

I found a 1 month Xbox Live subscription card among my junk (no, not that junk). So, I activated the code as I plan on playing some Gears of War 3 tonight with Matt (who lives in PA and doesn't have a blog or anything cool for me to link to).  I have yet to really even play the game so we plan on running through it this weekend so that I can open up Insane mode.
Then myself, himself, Timself and Gregself are planning on running through Gears to beat it on Insane mode which will probably unlock achievements for beating the game on Insane, Beating the game with another person, Beating the game with 3 other people, and Beating the game at home and naked while singing the Star Spangled Banner (and probably a lot fucking better than Steven Tyler did).


  1. "editor extraordinaire"
    I like that.

  2. If you get MW3, holler at me. I'm Goondingy in the x-box world as well. My oldest has GOW3 but I haven't played it..yet.

  3. Carmel: You got it, i'll try to be on this weekend. soka.

  4. "However, there was a lot of fun on Twitter that started because of my comment."

    For me, this is a definition of fun of which I wasn't previously aware.

    1. I consider it fun when someone publicly insults me and uses my name in derogatory ways. :)

      I've never seen a guy beg for others to agree with his point of view which really boiled down to (in my eyes) "i'm less of a failure than guy #2 is, how dare you say otherwise"

      Once again Rob, I'll keep my tongue to myself on your blog. I wasn't thinking because I didn't expect that.

    2. It was really my fault, I have the option to moderate comments (unlike you) and I let it go by, then let his response go by. What I was thinking was that if you go on his blog you see the most vile and vicious attacks against him and he apparently has no problem with that (he lets them on and doesn't delete them). What you said was rather mild in comparison, and on a blog that a lot less people are gonna see than his. Yet it set him off because unbeknownst to me at the time he thought he knew who I was referring to and resented the comparison. Still mild compared to what's on his blog against him but what the heck. I let his response get published out of some sense of "fairness." Not my finest moment.

      But alls well that ends well as it sure as hell did get my blog a lot of attention and traffic. I'll have to schedule a war on my blog on a regular basis. Let's see, next week...hmm, let me think on that.

    3. Rob, that's a great idea. Regularly scheduled blog wars to increase views. Genius.

  5. cliffs on rebvegas?

    worth a read? tbc V2?


    FBOYYY!!!!! omfg its teh FBOY

    1. sup josie xd

      still no cliffs =(

    2. only registered users get cliff notes!

      I posted a comment on Rob's blog that basically said PG was a better player than TBC and Tony got pissed off, called me names and then went to twitter in a rage telling everyone he was pissed off at my comments and trying to get everyone else to admit that he is a better poker pro than PG for various reasons.