Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just your average update

Probably more suited for Twitter or Facebook, but a day without typing is a day wasted.

Yesterday started out with your normal day at work.  Customer issues, a complaint or two, someone selling things that they find some way to mess up.  All in a days work.

Afterwards I met up with the ex and because I'm trying to do the "friendly" thing instead of the "raging asshole" thing we went out for a birthday celebration.

First stop was Le Burger Brasserie at the Paris Hotel and Casino.  Everything (except the tip) was comped on my Total Rewards card so that kept things nice and cheap.  I had a Kobe burger with Mozzarella and bacon with a peanut butter and banana shake.  I should have done without the banana.  She had a lamb burger with tofu or something on it, i dunno - she said the word but it looked funny and inedible.

After that was a quick jaunt to Penn & Teller.  I have now seen them twice since moving to Vegas and both times have been free.  I'm hoping my 3rd time is as well because you sure as shit can't beat that kind of price point in this economy.

The show was great again and I am still amazed at the tricks they pull off - but even more fun are the "tricks" that they pull off when they are just messing with an audience member.  Sometimes everyone in the audience can see what is going on and it's only "amazing" to that one person on the stage - but sometimes they get everyone by pretending they are only yanking the guys chain who is on stage.
There was one last night that was absolutely amazing where a guy on stage, operating a camera, selected from the audience, turned into Teller by the end of the bit while we were all laughing at the "trick" that was being played on the guy from the audience.   F'n amazing and I wish I could explain it better or link you to a video of it but the only thing I can say is when you are in town go f'n see these guys.  I'll try to help you get discounted tickets too since locals can get half priced tickets sometimes.

And now for the shitty part of the evening.
Frustration at the house before we even left.
Frustration in the car.
Frustration over dinner.
Frustration at the f'n show.
And Frustration after the whole bloody thing was over.

How one of us isn't dead at this point I have no bloody clue.

Today I'm going to go play in a home poker game.  Went there once before, last month, and played 95% of my hands in an attempt to just have fun and donate the $20-$40 to the house and get invited back. I also brought snacks when I came over (and probably will again).  However, I cleaned up in the cash game after busting out and mostly because these people should NOT be playing pot-limit-omaha.  I'm not saying that I'm any good at the game, I'm just saying that they are far far far worse than they realize and would do better to eliminate that from their game selection.

They play 3 orbits of NLHE, 3 orbits of PLO and then 3 orbits of Pineapple I think.
We started playing and most of the table joined during the NLHE phase where I went from my $10 buy-in to under $3 donating money on purpose.  I broke the entire table (except for one guy) before the 3 orbits of PLO were over, and the game ended because I didn't want to play him heads up lol.

Today I'll take the tourney more serious and if we have two tables like last time my goal will be to make the final table.  I'll also try to cash of course because I really don't want to play in the cash game with these people.  I'd rather just last a long time in the tourney and let it end there.

Hopefully I'm feeling it enough to let everyone know how it went.


  1. Sick what steaks plololol?

    Was teh Penn n teller show feeling a little dry (eg no passion from them coz they do it every nite over n over)


    1. I didn't feel that there was any lack of energy honestly.

  2. I agree it was very frustrating. I want so badly to just get back to "normal". Be friendly, have fun and have everything be easy. I have been living in my 25 year old the world is my oyster all you need is love dream. I see how dumb I have been. Hell at least I'm pretty. Besides being Mexican all I am expected to do is be dumb get married and have kids,right. I'm on the right track.
    I very much appreciate your attempts at friendship. For what its worth when I wasn't crying I did enjoy our evening.

  3. Le Burger Brasserie, huh?

    Why does a burger need a bra? And what cup size do you get it?

    Not sure if you had a good time or a bad time. I guess it was both.

  4. Rob, there were all kinds of cups sizes!

    It was both. Like I said at least the sex is amazing.

  5. You don't have to be good at PLO, just better than the ones you're playing with.

    1. ....u mean just hav to run good

      plol is sick


  6. Every meal I have ever had at Le Burger Brasserie has been outstanding. Of course, they were either eaten alone, with my brother, or my nephew -- no relationship issues.

    My son is a huge Penn & Teller fan. Although I did not see their show, I went afterwards armed with their program and got it signed for my son. Only in Las Vegas ...

    1. I have now eaten there twice and I absolutely love the place. It might be my new "end of vacation" tradition with a friend provided we play enough at Caesars properties to earn the necessary comp of course.

      I will have to experiment and try some of their other offerings as well I suppose instead of getting stuck in my normal rut of ordering the same thing over and over because I know I f'n love it.

    2. Try the lamb burger. For real :)

    3. So I can get the shits like you did? No Thanks

  7. I have a delicate system. Besides it was my pre-dinner aerobics that helped my digestion