Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As some of you may or may not know, I work in retail.  For the most part I actually like my job.  Much like everything else there are ups and downs to it and certain aspects of the job that I could do with out.

What I really love about what I do is getting to know people and helping them out with their projects. Getting them from the thought process to the finished results and seeing the excitement and joy in their faces from a project well done.  Whether it's just getting them the product that they need so that they can tackle the project themselves or coordinating the whole project with them and our installers.  It is this interaction that got me hooked when I first started working retail at Sam's Club and it's this same interaction that has kept me working in retail for over a decade now.

At my current company I have two sets of customers that will come and see me for every single project that they are working on no matter what.  Most of the time they call into the store to find out if I am working or not before coming in.  I have helped these two sets of customers with numerous projects over the past 2-3 years and with very few exceptions every major purchase that they have made as gone through my salesman number.
Multiple flooring installs, closet remodels, security doors, windows, dishwashers, fridges and hot water heaters. It's one of the greatest satisfactions that I have.

Even when they are not working on any major projects, when they are in the store they seek me out just to chit chat about what is going on in their lives.  If I am not around they get another employee to track me down.  One couple has put most of their projects on hold because they are saving up for a cruise this summer.  The other now has the sister-in-law buying everything off me me as well since she just moved into town. In the past 4 months I have hooked her up with a $1600 fridge and a $5000+ flooring install.  I enjoy every day that I get to interact with these people and I look forward to even just the conversations in passing whether or not there is a sale attached to it.  It's people like this that make my job worthwhile.

I bring all of this up because I wanted to talk about something positive even if it's all just pretty damned vague. It's positive and lately I could use more positive in my life.  I came to this blog mere minutes ago intending on writing about work and all the changes that are going on and it was going to be a decidedly negative blog post. I'm sure that I will get to all of that in the near future because it's all weighing on me very heavily right now and judging by the way this turned out I either didn't want to talk about it at the moment or I still need time to take it all in so that I can bitch about it in a more informed manner.

So, everyone who's reading and dealing with a bunch of negative shit in your life I'd like you all to just sit back and for five minutes think about something positive going on in your life.
If you are one of my fellow bloggers I'd appreciate if instead of posting something negative you sit back and post something positive or inspiring instead.  Just once - feel the love instead of the hate.

I know how much life can suck at times, but no matter how bad it gets there is usually some drop of positive substance out there somewhere and that's the kind of shit you need to latch on to in order to dig yourself out of the muck.

I'm grrouchie and I'm a negative-a-holic.  I have gone 10 minutes from thinking negative thoughts!


  1. Hope you don't mind my saying something: If you discuss work later, you might want to be careful about what you say. Oh, nobody at work knows about my blog, but you just never know.

    1. Yes, I 100% agree with your comment. Anytime one talks about work you have to choose your words and tone wisely.
      While you may think that nobody from work knows about your blog or your Facebook or twitter you are usually 100% dead wrong.

      I know several people who got pulled into an office and questioned about some of the things that they have posted on Facebook for instance. Store manager had a list of names and of specific comments. So, even if you are set to private there are ways to get info.
      Good Point Mojo!

    2. Also, now following your blog - Good Stuff!!!
      Will add you to my blog roll next time It's not 6 am and getting ready for work.

    3. This made me happy to read. I am positive we will have a great time on Saturday!

  2. nice poast imo sir

    now it is up to YOU to remember this poast if in future work gets to u XD

    f to teh boii

    1. It's a good thing I've got a short term memory in my escalating age!

  3. Nice post, good thoughts.

    But here I was coming to your blog to read pure snark--because afterall, your name IS grrouchie--and instead I get this uplifting crap, I mean niceness.

    Guess I'll have to keep searching the blogs for some bitterness.

    1. You want Bitterness? I'll give you bitterness!
      A fly marrying a bumble bee?

      I told you I'd shoot.

      I really miss that cassette dammit. I know I have more negativity and bitterness built up inside me and it will come, don't you worry about that. However, tonight might actually be another nice good spirited themed post if'n I get around to it.