Wednesday, February 01, 2012

WTF Moments

File this in the category of unusual shit that happens to me.

I have this irritated skin-tag on my shoulder/neck area.  I think it's a skin-tag, it could just be an irritated pimple for all I know.  Either way, it's annoying and it rubs on my shirt the wrong way.
So yesterday I decide to be smart and throw a band-aid over it to cut out the irritation.

I wear it all day, it definitely helps.  I leave it on for my workout at the gym because I wear those super cool spandex type dealie-o's that don't let your sweat break through your clothes - and I really didn't want that tight on my skin and rubbing at the irritated area.

No annoyance so I'm good.
Fast forward to me waking up at 5:30 this morning and going to scratch my shoulder and coming in contact with the band-aid that I had forgotten to remove at any point last night.
I feel a bit of soreness, but I dig in and rip the band-aid off and then I start to feel some minor pain.
I reach up and touch where the issue is coming from and it feels all goopy.

Yes, somehow, during my workout, the sweat forced the band-aid to cauterize to my fucking skin and when I ripped it off I ripped off some goopy flesh with it.
So, now instead of having just this one little spot of irritation I have a much larger issue haha.
At least it wasn't the whole band-aid that gave me the issue and just around the edges - but still.
I've gone this many years without ever having a similar issue or even hearing that this shit is possible.
WTF man, seriously?


  1. We live in a fucking desert - the Bellagio water show is as close to a watering hole as it gets ;)

  2. Somewhere the "joke" was missed.

    Josie - I'll take you to a real watering hole - Lightning, I"ll just take him to Value Town

  3. I was surprised to. After five years of knowing you never took me to any watering holes!

  4. A surprise!! Frigging Lightning gets to go to the watering hole instead of me. :(

  5. Yeah - when yer in town remind me to show you my favorite watering hole :) You can take a surprise back to show Josie

  6. The next thing we know you'll be telling us about the boil on your butt. Must be the water in Las Vegas or something ... : o )