Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yesterday was two days in a row where I felt like crap in the evening and managed to talk myself out of going to the gym.
Also, I've been very restless at night. Tossing and turning and not really getting much sleep.  I'm starting to think that maybe the fact that I can't get a good nights sleep is starting to bog-down other aspects of my life.
My body starting to feel ill at the end of the evening to try to get me into bed earlier so that maybe I can get a proper amount of rest so that I can wake up and face the day refreshed and not droggy and cranky.

Yesterday at work went fast as I had predicted but I ran into so many issues that I probably went overboard on the training worksheets.  Normally I'll just focus on the more important issues and let some of the minor stuff slide but yesterday, as I got deeper into my paperwork, all I could see were stupid issues that were done out of laziness.

You see, my company decided just recently to end all Spiffs and Commissions, and ever since this decision I have noticed that there are a lot more things that are not being done by the people in the main selling positions. They no longer get their incentive and thus they really don't care for doing a complete and thorough job and this ends up with me being irritable and cranky because I have to correct the issues constantly - and the training worksheets are supposed to help in that regard IF the management team and sellers didn't regard them as such a joke.   I am working on that, talking to the Store Manager and getting her involved in the process so that she can see just how bad some of the issues are and how deeply ingrained the laziness is in some areas.  I'm hoping for a positive outcome but I'm not going to hold my breath until it gets there.

I would guess that I got about 80% of my job done yesterday which isn't bad when the paperwork has been piling up for 2 days and no one touched it.  Based on what I saw pile up yesterday before I even left I know today is going to be a repeat, especially since I have a meeting to attend which will waste an hour or so.

There is no real excitement, emotion or creativity in this type of post and I'm wondering if I should just avoid writing when they are going to be boring like this?  Or, more to the point just type them up and see what happens and if it ends up being drab like this if I should just hit the delete button and pretend there was nothing for today.  I'd like a little feed back on this if'n y'all don't mind.  Personally I'm never really satisfied unless I'm adding humor into something (someway) and entertaining, but at the same time I want to force myself to at least write something every day.

I've got other stuff on my mind but I'll save it for another occasion, maybe this evening if the motivation hits me.  No use making my daily rambles too wordy all the time.


  1. You should post whatever feels right. If its boring people will skip it.
    Don't be hard on yourself for skipping the gym. Find another way to be physical. Maybe some pushups at home. WALK Monster! He'd love ya even more for it.
    Hope whatever is bugging you works itself out. You need to bitch you know where I'm at. You own half the property :P

    1. If I did that I'd have a whole bitchy post about our failed relationship and how you cyber stalk me everywhere.

    2. My first reaction to your comment was to be mean and negative. Instead I'm going with this.
      The fate of out relationship is sad. Our current situation is so difficult. You have handled it with tremendous grace. I love and admire you more than ever!
      As for cyber stalking you. It's an attempt a mere attempt to better understand you. I wish you'd express yourself with me the way you do through this medium.

    3. Also I was your first subscriber! Where's my thanks?

    4. Thank you for being my one page view for the first 3 years :) I appreciate it.

      Also, I am much better at interacting with the world if I don't have to do it vocally, but you already know this.

  2. I like all the posts, even ones like these. DO NOT just hit delete because it isn't up to par in your eyes. It's all part of the big picture.

    And yeah, Carmel's right. Walk the little rat! :)

    1. My little rat gets plenty o exercise.
      And the delete button is so easy. I mostly feel that if it's not something entertaining then I'm wasting my time. I have felt that way my whole life though.

  3. keep poasting imo

    also just gona throw it out there...but you may be "over training" i feel like that after i have been doing too much i.e. a long cycle AND a jog...not just one or teh other.

    gl sir


    1. Haha. I am not over training. I'm being lazy as hell for the last week.
      I'll keep that in mind for later though

  4. Keep posting, but make the more mundane ones shorter, like this one. People might tend to skim over them but they'll keep coming back to check on the next one. When you are ready to unleash your wicked sense of humor, pick a provocative title to grab their attention.

    1. So you like me when i'm provocative huh Rob?

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Sometimes I just gotta tell my fingers to shut the fuck up already - I swear

  5. Life isn't smiles and sunshine every day. You write for us, sure, to an extent, but more than that, you write for yourself. Do what you gotta do and if we don't want to read a particular post, we won't. But we probably will.