Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stats - A dorks update

Here is the update that I have been promising to myself.  I'm pretty sure that most of this is going to be boring and unimportant to most/all of you but dag nab-bit it's the kind of thing I look at all the time.  I don't know how often I'll actually do these types of posts but I'm sure it's going to be a couple of times a year.

Now, Like I said in my last post, this morning, I had been waiting to reach either 25 followers or to reach 10k page views before I did a statistical post.  Yesterday I hit 25 followers and was about 400 views away from 10k. Now, from what I have been observing, the way that Blogger works is they cut the day off at 4pm.  I have not found any way to change this to actually cut it off at MY midnight, so I am stuck with their reporting but whatever.  It only annoys me a minor amount and I feel that I can live with it for now.
So, when I got home today to follow up on some comments I checked out my stats update so that I can start thinking about and composing this post and noticed that "yesterday" ended up being By Far my biggest day in terms of hits.  My previous was 215 which I hit on back-to-back days on February 8th and 9th. However, yesterday's total surpassed it by a surprising amount.  Total was 340 hits.  Un-frigging-believable.  This puts me at a bit over 9900 total hits and means that after this gets posted if I few people look at it I have the distinct possibility of  hitting that 10k goal before the end of Feb!
Dork High-Five!

Yeah - whatever. It's the little things that tickle my fancy.
So, onward.
My first Subscriber: Carmel - who didn't want me to be talking to myself.
My latest subscriber: Liz - Who is an old friend from high-school and followed my links through Facebook and decided to finally "join the cult of grrouch."
December 31st - with a couple of friends subscribing, I ended the year with 12 followers.  Through the magic of the internet and with the help of Josie's blog and I have now over doubled that number.  Truly more than I thought would happen.

June of last year I started doing this blog as a way to track poker playing with Tony BigCharles, reporting on sessions and keeping track of a challenge that we were doing at the time.  Posting links to my blog via his blog and on AVP (this was right after VPN went away) I ended up getting about 1k hits.
July - October I didn't update nearly as much because my poker playing cut WAYYYYyyy back and the total of those 4 months was about equal to June, about 1k hits.
Then, in November I started writing a little bit more, and more consistently and have actually stuck with it since then.  November saw me with over 1600 hits, December was over 2200 hits and January somewhere around 2400 hits and now February garnered me almost 3k hits (so close but so far away).  

In the comments section of my last post Rob from Robvegaspoker asked what was in it for the "subscribers" and to that I really don't know.  You all have my eternal gratitude that you find me amusing enough to keep coming back and reading my updates.  Over the course of the next year or so I hope to meet every single one of you and at least buy you a beer and probably do some form of gambling with you whether it's playing poker or Pai Gow or craps or whatever.  I look forward to continually interacting with you all and eventually meeting you all as most of you probably travel to Las Vegas occasionally.

Greatest Hits:  Or Postests with the Mostests
I've come to the realization that linking the right photo (generally from a Google Image Search) tends to give me a decent amount of traffic and this is evidenced by the post with the most views still gets hits to this day because of one particular picture that I included.
My top Posts thus far:  
#1 - For The Ladies - Other than it was a love tale told with pictures, the main reason that this is #1 is because of the last picture I included - and oddly enough the #1 searched for term that gets hits on my blog is roofies (which ultimately links to that picture and when clicked on shows my blog).  I'd love to know if any of those hits actually look around my blog and if any ever come back.  I'll probably never know the answer to that.
#2 - A video game post
#3 - I won my dog in a game of craps
#4 - Great F'n Day
#5 - Cuntcakes 
#6 - Case of the Mondays'
#7 - Titty Tuesday
#8 - Pokah on da Weekend

As you can see, two of my recent ones have actually cracked the 100 page view mark which is pretty awesome.  The other thing that I notice with my top choices is that there really isn't a consistent pattern of what I post about.  It's not like the top posts are filled up with all poker talk (which I kind of expected being that most of you are poker related friends).

The sights that drive the most traffic to my blog?
Very Josie's site  #1 - so a big mua to you love.

2nd is - which I generally only link to my blog when I have video game related posts.
3rd is 
4th is allvegaspoker - and generally I only link to the poker related stuff - though I suppose I should cross post there more often as I do have a unused "blog" there as well
5th is - sevencard2003's blog
6th is  - robvegaspoker's blog - and I note that it will surpass TBC's blog within a month or so!
7th is -google UK
8th is - Facebook - I usually update Twitter and Facebook when I post - NetworkBlogs has been doing that for me now
9th is - Mobile Facebook - ditto the above.

So, more than you guys really needed (or wanted) to know there.

Top Search Terms
Evil Cat

Ok - That's enough to bore you all for now.  If you are just waking up after falling asleep to all that crap, please wipe the drool off your chin and maybe clean your keyboard off.
If you actually read all this - You are a fucking dork too.

This wasn't well thought out our planned out and next time I do one of these it will be formatted better and maybe be easier to read over.
Hope you all enjoyed this statistical breakdown of my blog (right).


  1. yesterday's total surpassed it by a surprising amount. Total was 340 hits. Un-frigging-believable.

    I didn't know you had 340 relatives! Seriously, dude, congrats on the great numbers.

    1. I opened my browser in "incognito viewing" and then hit refresh for 30 minutes straight :)

  2. Are uou going to buy me wine? Hook it up with the coupon for the Lambrusca, bato.

  3. 340 hits? No doubt it is because you referenced ME and my blog.

    Or maybe it was the tits.

    Congrats, my friend!

  4. Who you using for your stat counting?

    1. Up until a few days ago it was just the built in one that blogger provides.
      The other day I signed up for and activated Google analytics - which is free. After a month or so I'll report how I like or don't like it

  5. "7th is -google UK"

    i would like to fink that teh FBoy had a lil somethin to do wif that coz thats how i find ur blog each day, i duno why i no fave it but i jus type in "confessions of a local fish" and is there right at the top =)

    dunno if u remember my name Fboy came from F5Boy as in jamming F5 on TBCs lolblog when lalalalalester was sayin he has a steep decline in blog views (i found out that using diff web browers let u F5 more often loool) too much time on my hands imo

    o i have a question also, where is the link to the TBC bankroll blog page? r u gona do a garf also? wud be funnnyyyyy

    FBOYYYYY (26th follower)

    1. Yo yo number 26!! That would also explain why confessions of..... is such a high searched for term lol.

      TBC bankroll challenge thing all ended up getting deleted. Most of it was on WordPress which went away with VPN.

      What the hell is a garf?

    2. Lolololol graphhhh

  6. Hitting benchmarks is always good. Same for boobies.

    1. I guess that depends on the woman. Most don't like hitting of the boobies.