Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Sunday

(had to delete the 4th pic because it was so awesome that it wouldn't link up for some reason)


  1. Terry Hatcher? Seen her totally naked. Not "spectacular."

  2. I hate that this runs on a Saturday - but at least I have time to be able to get the day scheduled off.
    Thanks for the info - I might have to go to the Santa Fe and check out flyer that they have available to see chip counts and blind structures - but I think I'm going to plan for this for the time being. Got a month to go.

  3. Hey Grouch
    I got the dope on the 10k guarantee at the Santa Fe. The tournament normally runs the second Saturday of the month at noon. Entry is $125 with a few bonies available. However they suspended the tourney for January and Feb due to holidays and super bowl. Apparently interest goes down. The next one will be the second saturday in March. They said they average about 120 peeps and usually pay 15 places.

  4. When I posted it everything was working fine.
    However, I now deleted said pic since it was no longer showing up for me either.

    It was a cool pick of a passed out drunk who's entire body was surrounded by bottle's a-la police chalk outline.

  5. LOL! But you have to be specific. WHICH ho from Desperate Housewives?

  6. rob its a full frontal naked pic of that ho from desperate housewives omfg how u find this?????????

  7. Is it just me or is there a problem with the 4th pic? I only see a tiny little red "x."

    What poker room are the gals in the third pic going to be serving at today???