Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Emergency Vacation

I was not planning on taking a vacation for at least another month. It's not that I don't want to the time off but that I have more important things to do with my vacation time than sit at home, in pain, with way to much time on my hands.

My original plan was to take a day or two off after the 20th.  On Feb 20th I'm getting two of my wisdom teeth removed and having a crown placed on another tooth.  Or, that was the plan.  Things come up and wisdom teeth rot, or so the story goes.
Oh No! Unexpected Breakage on Tooth #32

Less than a week after my last dental appointment I randomly notice that I'm missing half of a wisdom tooth. It was one of the ones that I planned on having removed anyways.  But, now it's mocking me.  Oh, you thought you were going to wait until the twentieth to deal with me did you asshole?  Ha, I make the decisions here.  At first I ignored it because there was no pain, and if it's not bothering me then it can wait for the next two weeks. I'm not purposefully going to go to the dentist more times than absolutely need be after all.
Stop eating the chips fat ass!!!

The best laid plans of mice and men.  Today things took a turn for the worst.  Something happened that irritated my gum (and we'll even go so far as to assume probably a piece of food launching itself between the gum and the missing portion of the tooth) and I started having some pain.  As the day went on the swelling got worse, the pain got worse and a headache started to develop.  Once I have multiple points of pain I take it as a clue that my body is telling me I probably need to make an appointment to visit the dentist a little earlier than the 20th.
So, I call up and get an appointment for tomorrow.
I talked to the authority figures at work and inform them that I've got some serious ju-ju going on in my mouth and I need to leave early or be even less productive than normal, they shake their heads and comment that they totally understand and send me off with some well wishes.
I also tell them that I have the appointment for the next day in which they will be violently ripping things out of my mouth which will cause some good pain for a few days and I will need time to recover.
Unnecessary gore, 15 yard penalty, repeat 1st down

Once again they pretend to be perfectly fine with it while probably cursing me at the same time. That rat bastard using any excuse he can to take a vacation without any advanced notice.

So the good news is that I'll have a few days off from work in order to sit back and collect my thoughts. Maybe I'll relax and come Tuesday I'll be happy about going back into work and dealing with other peoples created problems.  The bad news is that I'm going to be really frigging hungry over the next couple of days without being able to consume actual food.  I don't consider drinking my food (this is NOT my idea of a liquid lunch) and being limited to water and Gatorade fun nutritional choices.  Hopefully 3 days of not eating will jump start my weight loss and when I start hitting the gym hard and heavy next week I'll have additional incentive.
I guess until then it's time to read a book or two and play some video games.


  1. You are wise beyond your years Rob.
    In fact, right beside my dentist is conveniently located a Cold Stone Creamery.
    I will come home with probably a pint of something that I love, but not what I really want (because it contains sprinkles and brownies and I figure chunks are bad)

  2. I've never had druggie pill popping friends, thus it does not interest me to make $10 bucks selling prescription drugs to low-life's.
    I'm not the most morally culpable person in the world, but I stay on the clean side of the law because you don't know when you'll accidentally stray into politics and that shit will come to bite you in the balls like a bad case of crabs.

  3. We're fancy out here, we eat frozen custard.
    On the brightside my furry friend when you're finished taking the pain meds you can sell them for $2 each. The prescription is less than $5 to fill.

  4. Ugh, sorry to hear. Hope it goes well. I recommend ice cream. You have a great excuse.'s ice cream.

  5. That's a good suggestion. My current plan of chicken broth and water doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun. It's lacking in the carp, sugar and caffeine departments.
    Maybe some jello, pudding and Ice Cream too :)

  6. Ouch, that sucks. Good luck with the removal, and stock up on applesauce. :)

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