Monday, March 26, 2012

The Dark Side

In craps, the Dark Side is often used to refer to someone who is betting the don'ts.
Don't Pass and Don't Come.
Talking to a friend at work the other day he indicated to me that there are only two ways he ever plays when he is at the craps table and most of the time he is playing the Dark Side.
He will have his Don't Pass bet with odds and he will play one or two Don't Come bets with odds as well.
Basically, he is the jerk at the other side of the table who is happy when everyone else is losing.  His theory is that the house always makes their money so he should be on their side as well.

The other way that he occasionally plays is to place the 5, 6 and 8 and play the field as well.
This way you win money with every roll of the dice (except the 7).  Granted, you win less with the 5, 6 and 8 because you are getting paid for those bets but you are also losing your field bet at the same time.   This is a strategy that people have employed a lot in craps and it is probably best to play this way if you are going to take all your action down after 2 or 3 hits.  It's boring and it's slow, but it's consistent.

Speaking of The Dark Side - Rob is back in town and he owes me some grub.  I will most likely be meeting up with him tonight for food and then some No Limit action at BSC.  Food will be tasty and I will be satiated and hopefully when I hit the tables I can go on a hot run and triple up in a matter of 3 hours.  That would be nice and it would put me back in business to play once or twice a week again.  

Other than that I believe that every single one of you should check out Splitter's website again on Tuesday (if you aren't already in the habit of checking it out at least once a week that is) for a very special Ask Tom Tuesday with a Very Special Guest (wink wink nudge nudge).  I've been informed that somewhere around 12:45 am on the east coast side of the States (9:45 pm ish here in Vegas) the post will be up for your viewing pleasure.

seven out - Pay the Dark


  1. Nobody likes the guy that bets the dark side. The minimal advantage over betting with the shooter ain't worth being "that guy."

    Good luck with your audition!

    1. Thanks man.

      Win lose or draw I'll be posting about the experience after it happens.