Monday, March 12, 2012

Brain Numbness

Short and quick.
I just got done with a 2-3 hour session of craps in my bedroom with another guy from my class who started the same day that I did. We are going to refer to him as Guido for the remainder of his life on my blog.
We didn't really go in depth into a whole lot but we did get a good amount accomplished.

Basically Guido came prepared with some situations that were giving him trouble and from there we broke things down and came up with some answers and why and he claims that it definitely helped him a ton - so that's great.

However, what I mainly wanted to talk about - or touch up - when I think about you I touch myself..... Damned Divinyls, why are you in my head?

In class, right before I left class, Mariko (not her reall name but the name that i'm going to give her because it's Japanese for "pure knowledge" which is pretty fitting for a teacher if you ask me) went over some "keys" to learning craps.

Before I continue, the term Keys really just means some sort of short cut that you can come up with and remember in order to derive certain payouts without having to sit down and figure the math out every time.  Basically a shortcut.

So, she went over about 7 different Keys and showed us how she came up with them and had us write them down so we could practice and learn them and make dealing this game easy.
After that some people asked questions and Mariko answered them with detailed explanations.

It was during this question and answer session that I realized I needed to leave for the day and give my brain a rest.  I understood everything she was saying when she went over the keys, however when she was answering questions and giving examples my brain shut down and refused to take anything in.
I know she was speaking English.  I know she was using words I have heard before and terms I have heard before and even just going over some info that she just gave us less than 10 minutes ago, but not a damn thing made any sense any longer.
My brain was on overload. It shut down completely and if she turned to me and asked me a simple math problem I would have froze like a deer in headlights, staring blankly at her as if she spoke an unfamiliar language.

Moments like that are really weird. It's like I was staring and hearing, but I was unable to comprehend anything at all.  

I have so much more to learn. I cannot wait for tomorrows class.

May all your 7's occur on the come out!


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    1. Poker is one of those games where the rules are pretty easy to get down, but the game takes on complexities when you are faced with different people and play styles.
      It's easy to look at your hand and say "Oh, i've got something good" but to figure out what the other player is likely holding and figure out if that beats you or not- not so much.

    2. Jenn, I can't play poker, either. But I stubbornly don't let that stop me.



  3. "just got done with a 2-3 hour session of craps in my bedroom with another guy" is that what you kids call it these days? ;).

    1. No Gram'pa - that's not what we call "THAT" you sicko.

      We were giving each other beauty tips and talking about how to get broads to suck our toes without washing our feet first.

    2. I am glad Waffles said it :) To good to pass up!

      How come he get 2-3 hours and I got 20 minutes, tops?

    3. Where I go, the price of a good toe sucking includes a feet washing first.

    4. You're opening yourself up to here about the time he got a table shower.

      Anywhere on Spring Mountain, Rob.

    5. Carmel - I was over there at 3:15 and I left at 5:45 - Maybe it's the Las Vegas School system but that is NOT 20 minutes.

      Also, Guido gets 2-3 hours because, quite honestly, studying craps and learning the game is more important to my future financial earn.

      Rob - Where exactly are you going for such services?

    6. Your statement is true. I was only counting the fun part.
      You checked the clock at 5pm. By 5:30 mouths were wiped, clothes were on and we were in the car.

    7. But I had to work for it by moving a TV down 23 flights of stairs - so I count the whole time

    8. In all seriousness, thanks for helping me !

  4. If Carmel only gets 20 minutes for the top, why does Guido get so much time for the bottom? Inquiring minds want to know ...

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  6. I'm not complaining. Sex is sex! I'll orgasm in seconds in the right circumstances. I'm just saying. Sometimes I would like to take time :)