Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A quickie before work, and really they are all quickies for me anyways.

I've got a multitude of posts that I have been working on and trying to give actual thought.
I'm still working on the "what makes a good poker player" to answer a question posted by Splitter and I am hoping to have some sort of stripper story composed before the end of the week since jt88keys has dubbed this "stripper week."
I also have a super secret surprise blog post coming up on the 16th so stay tuned for the bombastic happenings on that (oOoooOoO, intentionally vague to leave you all waiting with baited breath..... get it, Confessions of a local fish.... baited breath.... I made a funny).

I also need to sit down and think about last nights poker session with Apollo as it was a pretty interesting one.
If I am actually able to bang that bad boy out like I want it will probably be a bit more lengthy than normal poker posts - of course there is always the chance that it could be "played poker, lost some money to start and then made some starting at dealer AlaskaGal and was repeatedly called a bad player all night long by one guy, but I won $82 so I guess I gotz skillz!"

Last night I stayed up too late playing poker because I was having a great time and trying to bust one particular person.
I got less sleep than I desired and now today is going to be brutally long because of it.

Class at 10 and work from 3 till 11 (though most likely be leaving at about 10 when we close).
Immediately fall asleep to get a good nights rest and repeat the cycle.

Today at Class there is an old man coming for a refresher but he evidently been in the biz for a while and will be "helping out" by giving advice and whatnot.  He stopped by yesterday for a few but kinda sorta rubbed me the wrong way because of the way that he was barking things out.
Not really reminding people stuff but more like a Drill Sargent barking out orders every time you forgot something, or skipped a step by accident.  Going to be interesting.
Between this and a lack of sleep I've started contemplating not going to day (started that thought process at like 3 am ha!).

Energy Drinks and Donuts for Breakfast - Sign Me Up!!


  1. I'm going to ruin the surprise...he's really a woman.

  2. Can't wait to hear about the poker session, sounds like a heckuva blog post to come. Sounds like you were playing with a grade A asshole and I'm sure you put him in his place!

    Carmel....having meant grrouchie, that wouldn't surprise me. Heh heh.

    1. Work had me so busy tonight I didn't get any time to myself.
      I barely had time to take my breaks and get food in my belly.

      Really kind of sucks because the longer I go without writing up a session the harder it is to come back to it.
      As it stands now I remember many of the big hands but I am not remembering the orders that they occurred in and as I remember hands I start remembering other ones as well.

      Normally I'd write it up right now, but my eyes are having issues staying open.