Thursday, March 29, 2012


So today was the last day, for a while, that I would have anyone else in the office helping out.
My co-worker is taking a break to get some surgery, some kemo and some recovery.
We've been telling management from the moment we knew her time was short to get someone else for us to train to help out while she was gone.  They didn't need to know everything, but we could give this person enough info to get by and my phone number if a real thought process needed to be formed.
A paper pusher, a phone caller, simple shit to make sure that I wasn't getting royally screwed by having to do the work of two people plus whatever else management decides to dump on me.
Well, none of that came to fruition and knowing that if I were to try to run the office by only working at night things would collapse worse than a bad breast implant I made a managerial decision.

I informed my bosses of what my new schedule would look like.  In fact, I made it appear as though I was actually asking them permission and laid out two different options that we could take this little parade.

Much as I predicted, they choose wisely (the choice I wanted them to make - the choice I knew that they would make, the only logical choice actually).   As I arrived to work today the Store Manager saw me and asked me "Is this really what you want to do" and I replied that it's no different than what I am doing now, the times have just changed as all and I'll now be available to help out our installers, vendors and whatnot.
A bit later in the day I am told that HR gave it the thumbs up.

So, I no longer will be doing any closing shifts and I will be working/class 6 days a week instead of 7.  The only real downfall is I'm going to have to figure out how to wake up early again as my days are going to be 5:30 am - 4pm and 7-4 Saturday.

However, this all hinges on me NOT passing my audition and getting offered a position at Casino BS.
The reality of the situation is I'm a f'n bad-ass, I will pass my audition and I will be offered a job.  So, until my Co-worker comes back I'll work Monday- Friday 6-3 and NOT have class.

The only thing I'd have to figure out is how to function without a whole lot of sleep (I need a course in how to successfully power nap) on the days where I have to put 9 hours into my retail job and 8 hours into my new awesome, chick picking up (according to Rob), career.



  1. I was actually thinking of the story I blogged about of the Bride shooting craps. I figured the craps dealer had the first shot of being the rebound guy.

    But the other night I was passing the roulette table and saw a bride there, with her groom behind her watching. Maybe it's roulette dealers who get the chicks.

    Oddly enough, the bride was playing only two numbers, six & nine.

    1. Don't do this to me Rob, my happiness depends on your first thought process being correct.

      I'm too old to learn another game just to pick up chicks - or brides, or ...

      I'm just too old to learn any more.
      Craps has beat me down and made me it's bitch :)

  2. i dont know where you work, but if you need an office type guy I am in need of a job

    1. I work retail - and my store already staffed up for the season.