Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lazy Dealers

Because of my interview and hopefully audition I took a jaunt down to Casino BS (this is my new name for it, Casino X was too boring) to check out the game, the limits and the action.  Sure, showing up in the morning is only going to paint half the picture but it left some impressions none-the-less.

1st impression is that the dealers are mostly lazy.  Now, lazy might not be the correct word.  Comfortable might be closer to the real truth.  However, it doesn't change the fact that of all the stuff I have been shown on how to properly do things I am surprised at how much "proper" does not get done.
I'm not going to go into details because it would require too much explanation and would also be long and boring, but there were a whole bunch of "technical" errors that were made and I chalk it all up to just being too comfortable with their jobs, lazy.

The game was also comfortable and slow paced, there were not a whole lot of bets and it all seemed pretty easy, but as I said this was the morning shift.  Maybe the locals go crazy when the sun goes down.

Either way, I hope that I luck out and there is a semi-full table running when I head in tomorrow so that I might be able to get an audition while I'm already there.  If not I'll have to come back some other time which I'm sure will prolong the nerves a bit.  Either way, I feel like I'll ace the test and hopefully be offered a nice part time job.
I just wish that there were some sort of way to figure out how much the dealers make at which casinos so that I know what I'd be getting into and what to expect beforehand - without having to wait until I'm actually working to be surprised or disappointed.

There's no need to fear - Underdog is here!


  1. Grrouchie you know enough dealers ask them how much they make...or ask your teacher
    Problem solved applause please

  2. The teach already admitted she has no idea how much this casino makes.

    And, I really don't personally know anyone who deals craps - especially anyone who deals craps off strip.
    Or, that just might have been my first course of action :)


  3. Don't worry about the money at X or Y casino, just get a job, get your foot in the door, and once you have that on your resume, you can find your way to "Huge Paying, Make a Fortune" Casino in no time. Of course, they'll probably have the most expensive hookers but you'll be able to afford them with all the big tips you'll be taking down.

    1. The stat I heard today is that whatever casino you "break-in" to you should pretty much only be there 4 months at the most before you are moving on to something bigger and better with a much more attractive wait staff.