Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Rant in D minor

This has been bugging me for a little while now and I have instead decided to focus on other things and keep an eye on the positive side of things.
However, I can't sleep and I have nothing better to do than to type for a while (and yes, I know this is my second post of the evening and the 1st will probably get overlooked).

I'm going to start with this.  Normally I hate to be complimented. I don't know why but I have always felt this way. I don't want you to say nice things about me, I don't want you to point out my successes.  I don't want you to congratulate me on a job well done.  I don't particularly want any of this and I really don't f'n want it done in public with other people around who are going to over hear it.

However, at my Craps class I'm just eating that shit up.  Seriously, I have never liked it before but now I'm reveling in it.  Not just from the teacher but from the students who call me a "rock star" because I've caught on so quick and advanced faster than they have.  It's a huge ego boost and I'm eating it like a fat kid eats fucking chocolate.

Now here is where my issue lies.  There are people have have been in this class for 2-3 months straight. Showing up 4-5 times per week and putting in 4-6 hours per day.   Some of these people are starting to feel discouraged and put off because they have been at it so long and they are still struggling daily with certain concepts.

I want to take these people and point out the differences between them and me.  I want to tell them what they are doing wrong and I want to help them to become better so that they can achieve what they want, to get a job dealing craps and enjoy the shit out of life, rolling in fat stacks and sleeping with hot tourists who are attracted to a guy who carries a bent stick and yells "Yo Eleven. Good field, Good Cum."

So I'm going to set up my little tale of two worlds.
When I'm dealing or on stick I focus heavily on my task at hand.  I'm trying to remember everything that everyone is doing and I'm trying to pay attention to the whole table while focusing on what I'm supposed to focus on.  When I'm dealing I'm scanning my board constantly before every die roll and seeing what bets exist. Thinking about my next set of actions depending on what number is hit.  Do I have any don't bets to be cleaned up on any of the numbers?  Is anyone betting the don't come?  How many come bets are out there? How many field bets?  Who is betting on the middle so that I can remember to pay them if one of those numbers is hit.

When I step away from dealing and become a "player" I watch everything the dealer is doing and I watch every bet being made by the other students.  I'm calling every payout silently in my head and double checking if I'm correct or not.  I'm analyzing every move the dealer makes and correcting him if he does anything wrong, pays anything wrong, does something out of order.  I'm doing this for myself more so than I'm doing it for them but I'm sure it helps them as well.
I'm analyzing every payout that the stick is calling out and trying to have them in my head before he calls them out.  If my number is different than theirs I need to figure out why.
I'm also thinking about every losing bet and what they would have paid had they actually won instead.
Another thing that I do is when I am trying to work on a new concept, or I'm trying to memorize how to quickly come up with a payout for a certain bet then I am constantly throwing that bet out every single roll.
I'm throwing it out in different denominations and when it hits I'm trying to calculate the payout before the stick man can.  
I also throw out bets to help the other players.  One guy is auditioning at a place that has dollar tables and so I throw out a ton of bets in small denominations that he's going to have to learn to calculate constantly.  

Now, the other side of the pillow.
The other students, when they are "players" are not working on their game like they should be.
It really pisses me off some days.
We have some who are constantly on her phone. Texting, playing games, talking, whatever.  Constantly not paying a bit of attention to anything that is going on around them. Not improving their game and not helping anyone else to improve theirs.
A couple others are in constant conversation with other "players" and sometimes with the "dealers" as well.  So all they are is distractions to themselves and others.  No learning is going on in their heads when they are not dealing.

You want to know why the fuck you still can't get certain concepts after being in school for 3 months? It's because you're not fucking trying.
Shut up and pay attention to the game.  Stop bitching that it's too hard.
Stop bitching that you just can't get it. 
How much time to you spend studying when you are away from school?  Not a damn bit. You've admitted it to me and to the others at class. It's nobody's fault but your own that you don't understand.  You are not making the effort.

If you can't figure out what a $5 Hi/Low pays then try to figure out a way to fucking learn it.  I heard you bitch about it and then I sat there and threw the bet out every damned roll for 2 hours and you didn't pay one bit of attention to any of it because you were too busy talking to someone else.
I just made the effort to try and help you and you show up to class just as stupid as the day before.

Also, when you are a "player" stop playing the game like you were at the casino.  This is NOT the purpose of the class.  We are not here to pretend to play craps, we are here to learn how to deal craps.
The fact that when you "play" at class and you make the exact same bets every single time and never vary it up at all just means that you aren't even working on improving.
You always bet the horn, you always make sure your hard-ways are out there, whooptie-fucking-doo.
I have yet to see you throw out a Hi/Low bet, or a world bet, or anything else remotely different than you throw out every single time.
Now, you just put a few bets out there and then turn back to your phone or conversation and stop paying attention.
You don't know if you weren't paid properly.  You don't know if you were even paid.  Shit, you look surprised when you see extra chips on the table that you have to pick up.  You are not helping the other people in the dealer position learn anything because you don't even care enough to pay attention to what is going on.
Why waste your money and show up if you are going to be so self absorbed that you won't pay any attention unless you are dealing.
Wake up and smell the failure. This is just like everything else in life.  Garbage in - Garbage out.
Do you want to be a Craps dealer or do you want to be someone who bitches because it was just too hard to master?

There is a reason that I am auditioning after 3 weeks of class and you were stuck on the kiddie table for 3 weeks or longer and it's not because I'm some super talented naturally blessed guy. It's because I have the hunger to succeed and get a job while you look confused when something is explained to you for the 50th time like you never heard the concept before.


  1. Grrouch, man, I have no idea why you are complaining about this, and not thanking the gods of craps (the crap gods?) that you're in a class full of lazy loser posers. A little perspective, my brother: these people are classmates right now but they are soon going to be competitors for a job. You should be psyched that they're stupid and uncaring.

    I'm not suggesting you be a prick and not help someone if they ask you for help, but if they insist on wasting their time, putting in the bare minimum of effort like this was something mandatory like high school, fuck 'em. Let 'em fail. More chance for you to get the job you want.

    Fuck those lazy, non-emotionally-invested, apathetic pricks. More for you.

    1. I 100% agree with you.
      I just hate to see people wasting their time and effort and then complaining about lack of results - it bugs the shit out of me.

  2. Just to make you feel better, you suck! ;)

  3. Interesting. I can understand your frustration. But I agree with Gary's comment. The thing I can't understand is what you said at the beginning, I don't understand not wanting to be complimented. I love getting complimented, as long as I think they are sincere. I eat that shit up.

    That is a rather weird trait on your part, methinks.

    But if it'll make you happy, I think your blog sucks.

    Happy now?

  4. He and I are similar in that we both don't like compliments. Maybe we didn't get hugged enough as children?

  5. I would get more joy out of watching( and helping) others succeed than out of doing it myself.

  6. I came to the comment section not because I'm heartless, but because the economy is tough. Good for you if they're not paying attention - good luck on your audition!

    1. Thanks man.

      I have no fear that I won't succeed. I believe in my abilities and I am putting the time in.

      I may not get the first job I audition for, but there are a lot of opportunities out there especially in Dice!

  7. I had the same theory all through college. Had classes with a bunch of worthless shitheads that did the same thing. But, in the end, they lowered the grading curve so I got a higher grade. But, still, to me they were a waste of money and a seat that someone who actually wanted to learn could have taken/used.

    I understand your frustration. Good luck with your interview on Monday.