Friday, March 09, 2012

Weekend Homework

Other than memorizing the payouts of the Horn, world and 3 way crap bets I (we, but I don't really care about the rest of them) have been given a homework assignment for the weekend.

I have to memorize a very specific set of payouts for the place bets.  Teach said this took her 3 days to do when she was memorizing it and if possible she wants me (us) to have it memorized by Monday.
I'm fairly confident that when I show up on Monday I will have this memorized and I'm even more confident that I will be the only one who does.

Today she showed us the bets and went through the payouts and gave her reasoning why she wanted us to memorize it - all perfectly logical stuff and if we can just "know" them then it's 100% easy for us to know pretty much any payout that we will be faced with by doing simple math.
When I say simple math I mean simple.
$1 place bet on the 6 or 8 pays (without rounding) $1.16
This is a bet we need to have memorized.  Why?  it's simple -  If we can recite this off the top of our head then we already know the payout for a $10 bet ($11.60) and a $100 bet ($116).
Easy Peasy!

The other bets all have similar reasons for being memorized.

So, tomorrow before work I will give it a whirl - tomorrow after work I will hammer it multiple times reciting as many bets as possible and then working on memorizing the ones that I'm struggling with.  Hopefully before going to bed tomorrow I will be able to accomplish an entire round correctly (no matter how long it takes me to do it).
Then Sunday I will repeat this routine - One before work - hammer it after work and recite it before going to sleep.
Monday - wake up and recite it.  Go to class and mess it up completely because now someone is watching and judging me lol.

So, without further ado - the pictures I took of the board set up ......
The order to memorize is this.

Starting with the Ten and working Towards the Four - Starting on the Lower Outside corner.
Then when finishing the Lower Four - loop around to the top and work towards the Ten.
The last pic is extra bets to have memorized for the 6 and 8 - (up to a $60 bet).

Easy fucking peasy right?  Right??


  1. Are you sure you wouldn't rather study to be a nuclear physicist. Gotta be easier.

    1. where would the challenge be?

    2. Touche! Also, less fun. Remember, whenever a hot gal bets a hardway, make sure you scream, "She wants it hard" before every roll.

    3. Heheheheh yoooooooooooooooooooo leven


  2. Well that looks like a pretty wild table in those pictures!

    Wow, my brain hurts.

    1. I have most of it down at this point - a couple areas trip me up a bit, but I'll get it.

      Also gotta get quicker with it instead of thinking about them which will help.

  3. Had to laugh when I saw the pictures. It looks like a typical table at one of our casino parties. It's amazing how liberal people are with their chips when there are no consequences.

    1. Yes - and in class the teach starts making extra bets if people aren't making enough for you.
      She also tells people to make more bets.
      Play as two people instead of one.

      Oh, the insanity! However, handling this is going to make handling a real table so much easier