Monday, March 05, 2012

Poker and craps

First and foremost I can't say how happy I am that there was so much participation in the Hooker Posts.  It was pretty damned cool to see a multitude of bloggers take up the cause and churn one out.
Also, thanks to hookers my blog had the most hits it had ever gotten in one day cycle!

Last night I decided to go play a quick session of poker and I ended up at Bally's.  It was a profitable session but it could have been a lot more had luck not prevailed for a couple of guys.

Early in my session I entered a pot in late position with 85 of diamonds and was pretty happy to see a 58T flop.  One person bet out $10 and a few of us came along.  The turn gave a very ugly Q which let J9 get there. 1st player checked and then the 2nd guy bet out $15.  Knowing that I had a few outs and could possibly still be ahead I decided to call the $15.  1st player folded.
River was a beautiful 5 but also put a flush on the board.  Guy bet $25 into me and I raised enough to put him all in (he was a shortie) and he called flipping over his turned straight.  He was not happy to see my rivered boat and he took off as I racked his chips up.
At this point I'm up about $75 or so.

A little bit later I look down and see the RobVegas hand of KK, I'm sitting in the big blind.
There is a raise to $10 and 2 callers back to me.  The raiser and 1st caller both have approx $75 in their stack to start the hand and the 3rd participant had a full stack of somewhere between $200-$300.
$30 in the pot already and I'm perfectly happy to just take it down now I bet $75 (enough to put the 1st two all in if they want to play).  1st guy folds but the 1st caller puts all his money in the middle and the last guy folds.
I quickly flip up my Kings and the guys sighs like "how on earth did you have a bigger pair there instead of AK" and then flips his Tens over a bit dejected.
However, a Ten on the flop sends him into a fist pump and now all the sudden he's happy and talkative again like he played the hand well as he raked in my beautiful chips.

A bit later I got to limp in late position with A5 diamonds and flopped the nut flush on a 67T board.
On the flop a guy bet $10 I called along with 2 others.  The turn was a 9 (non diamond) and the guy bet $10 again and I raised $35 on top of that which he called and everyone else went away.
The river was an ugly 9 and he checked to me and the paired board saw me play like a wimp and check behind.  He flipped up A8 for the turned straight and I missed a value bet on the river, ugh - was not happy about that hand.

Nearing the end of my session I called some small raises with some small pairs and whiffed entirely.
I got QQ all in vs JJ pre (against same guy who got in with my my KK vs TT) and they held up this time.
I got KTs all in vs his buddy for $30 bucks and lost to two pair vs his 64 offsuit.

All in all it was a fun night where I only felt that I made a few minor mistakes and I walked away up for the evening.

Tonight there is a strong possibility that I'll be going out again to play with Lucki duck somewhere and I am looking forward to that.

Today was the 1st day of my Craps classes.
I got to practice cutting my stacks for what felt like an eternity.  My left hand is behind the curve and needs practice so I will be doing that at the poker table tonight.
After 3 years of chip cutting myself and another new guy were lead to a table with a craps layout so that one of us could place bets and the other could make the payments.  We did that for the rest of the class before heading home.
Because we were both a bit familiar with Craps the teacher started putting some more advanced bets on the table for us and started varying the amounts so that we would have to think about our payouts.
Mostly all of this was done so that we could get the order in which everything is done.
Take the losers, pay the winners, move the others.  Take-Pay-Move.
Over and over and Over and over again.  She said she had us doing stuff today that she usually doesn't do until the 2nd week, so that's a boost to the ego.  I felt like I had a good grasp on everything thrown at me today but of course there is room for improvement.
Practice makes perfect and perfection is unattainable.
On my way out she mentioned that she had some good contacts in some big rooms so that after going through the course, when I am ready, I should have a really good shot at a position.  However, she also mentioned that most casino's want people to be able to deal at least two games and I should strongly consider taking up Blackjack as well.

Onward children.  Food, caffeine, Poker.  That is my agenda for the evening.


  1. Enjoy your evening with LD and Mrs. Duck.

  2. Ahhhh -- nothing like playing in my favorite poker room in the world -- Bally's Las Vegas. It is a great room to play except when variance bites you in the butt.

  3. I'm proud of you for chasing your dreams!

  4. Sorry about those Pocket Kings, man. I tell you, they're killers. I'm sure that I passed on the curse of them to you by playing with you. I'm sorry.

    I hate to sound dumb but I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "chip cutting."

    Hope you had fun with the duckster.

    1. I won a hand with KK tonight - it went to the flop and then I scared everyone away.

      Chip cutting is when you take a bunch of chips in one hand and cut them down to smaller sizes. So, you have a stack of 20 and do 4 stacks of 5, or 5 stacks of 4, etc.
      Evidently there is an art to doing it "properly."
      Also, being able to do it in the air so that you can place bets quicker.

      Did have a good time talking to Lucki Duck - however the even ended too quickly when I accidentally stacked him - my top set vs his Pair+flush draw.

  5. Congrats on putting in the hard work necessary to get ahead in life. Maybe someday you'll break into the big leagues and be dealing high stakes VBJ to the TBC.

    1. Oh yes - one of my life long goals is to deal VBJ in the high stakes area!
      However, the problem with that is I'd still be making Min wage and relying on tips and I don't think dealing VBJ to Tony will net me much towards my hourly lol.

    2. Good point...and I'm not sure you want to be on the receiving end of a TBC toke anyway, even when he's flush with VBJ money and feeling generous:

      "people who are broke and homeless always get barred a lot...but it was all years ago. the bellagio–over 10 yrs ago–for telling the dealer i wouldnt tip him unless i could put it in his ass."

  6. Very nice post sir, press it!

    I think the nut flush is a perfect bet/fold otr coz:
    1 people don't chkraise bluff otr at 1/2nl
    2 any thinking players will be more inclined to call ur turn bets in future knowing they won't have a big bullet coming on teh next street

    Lmao at becoming the next vbj dealer, speaking of which I just saw thead on 2+2 palms banning pro poker players lolollol at least tbc will still be safe xD link comin up coz on iPad and will lose this if swap tabs

  7. Weird can't paste fboyyyyy


    there ya go fml

    jus remembered another hooker incident at MGM, was by the escalators walking from studio54 and a sloot approached us, i was giving it teh biggun infront of my boy and was trying to either a) embarrass her or b) push her as far as i could without being hit - i asked her if she would let us both pound her - yep fine, pushing on to more specific sex scenarios (humiliation type stuff) i finally asked her if we could both enter her and include a dildo in the same slot - she said sure ---reached in her bag ------ and pulled out a huge dil and said this one big enough?


    1. Fboy - don't mess with those hookers - you might not like your answers lol!
      Interesting thread on 4 - Palms are retards

    2. So does this mean Tony can't play VBJ at the Palms?

  9. Sounds like you're the teacher's pet! Glad class is going so well and you're putting in the time to practice. vn. congrats on the cash too!

    1. Until I can start cashing like The Very Josie it's all just drops in the bucket :)

  10. yeah, I am with Josie... you and the teach gonna get somethin-something goin' on?

    1. My yellow fever says "oh please yes" but reality says "I ain't got no chance"

  11. sounds like your teacher is doing the classic sales technique of praising you then trying to sell you another course

    1. She brought up the other course before the day even began - and I can see her point (and desire to get more money out of me) however I have already re-arranged my schedule at work for the next two months just to make sure I have time to get the Craps training in - I can't imagine adding time to it just to learn another game.