Friday, March 02, 2012

Turns out Pimping IS Easy

This one is going to be mostly quick and very easy tonight.

I've realized that over the course of the last few months I have given some Link Love to a few people and I have pimped their blogs as well so that people can see what's going on that the grouch likes.

However, I have not brought up two of my long time friends and their passions - and I am about to correct that mistake.

I wasn't sure who's to go with first so I decided that I'd go with the older first.  Older in terms of age and in terms of how long I have known the person.

For many years of my youth I grew up with an slightly off kilter marching to the beat of his own masturbatory drummer S.J. Moyer.  He was one of the few friends I had when I lived in Yoe Pennsylvania as a young fat long haired adolescent and that's a good thing.  Even though we didn't keep in touch over a large portion of our lives I am glad that I have gotten to know him again and his sense of humor and fun talents.
He is an author of several books that are on Amazon which you can search for.
The main book I am pimping out is Better Than Eating Out: Pink Taco's Not Included which also coincides with his recent YouTube cooking show of the same name.

I love the cooking show and am a devout follower of it.  I am even getting to the point where I might look past the jokes, the F-Bombs and everything else and actually start making some of these recipes - Starting with the Alfredo sauce.

His latest episode is Lobster Crap Bisque

Don't be afraid of the ugly face you see above - His shows are well worth watching!!!

Now on to Number Two.
Jessica - Jess - Jub
I met Jess over 10 years ago and for a while we even worked at the same retail store.  We have had many fun conversations over the years and both share a deep dark love.
Greek Dogs... wait.
Horror Movies - Yeah - that is the one that I meant to talk about.  Wieners are for another day.

She runs her own YouTube show called Jubs House of Horror with friends Holly and Chris.  The show consists, mainly, of them running down the horror movies that they have just recently watched and giving opinions on them - talking about booze and drinking and a number of other wonderful things.
She recently had a give away to celebrate having her 100th subscriber on YouTube as well.
So, if you are into horror movies or just into other people talking about horror movies and having a bloody good time then tune in and watch.
Below is a discussion of Wrong Turn 4

Please note that I am horribly Fucking Jealous of both Chris (in the video above) and Shannon (in the video WAY above) for being able to grow much better facial hair than I can.  This is a real jealousy and not just something I say to be funny.  If I could grow a beard like either of them I bloody well would and I'd enter facial hair growing competitions as well.  That would be the shit.

So, I know the above is not going to be for everyone, but I hope that some of you at least check them out and give them a chance.  You never know when you might find something of the beaten path that you really enjoy.

Thanks for reading.  And thanks for giving my friends a chance.


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  2. Facial hair and cooking......... ewww. heh. Sounds like a good show and I will check out both sites. Sounds like good food.

    1. Excellent - I'd like to hear what you think of them after you watch.

      It's kind of like blogging but a bit more personal and I love when people are willing to put themselves out there like that for the world (or for the population of a small rural town in PA for that matter).

  3. I watched his video. I wish he would atop touching his face while cooking. I think you should buy him another camera so we can see them hands!

    1. Yeah - he needs a 2nd camera so we can see what the cooking looks like.
      He's the one eating it so i'm not too concerned with him touching his face... it't what his hands are doing off camera that bugs me the most :)