Monday, March 26, 2012

Good - Bad - Ugly

Lets start with the good because I like the feeling that there is no where to go but down.

On one of my favorite blog's it's Ask Tom Tuesday with special guest referee - ME!
I'll admit that it's not pretty but dammit I laugh every time I read over my response.
I don't laugh because it's funny (well, it is to me at least) but I laugh because it's true.
Guys are mostly disgusting pigs and you women are all saints for allowing us to be ourselves most of the time.
You all deserve to be put up on a pedestal (high enough for us to look up your dresses)!

If anyone is interested you can rent me out for your blog as well - I'll even let you choose the topic that I talk about.  Like a litter of unwanted puppies I'm "free to good home - or Chinese Restaurant."

Hmm, I think I covered the good and the ugly all in that one.
Now, the bad.

93.4% more precisely.

At one point over the course of the past year I got the feeling that there is a minor deity who is looking over my shoulder and shitting on me.  However, over the course of the past 4 poker sessions I have come to believe that the minor deity is really a major deity whom I have managed to piss of in some unbelievable way.

Maybe I pulled the finger trick on him, or maybe it was on his wife.
Maybe I accidentally did something really mean to one of his daughters (note, I love a good succubus).
Maybe I did nothing wrong at all but look pretty at the wrong moment and now someone who woke up on the wrong side of the torture chamber is taking it out on me.

In a recent blog post I mentioned the hand where I flopped a set of 3's and another guy went runner runner 6's in order to hit quads and take a large sized pot from me.
In that hand I was approx 97.8% to win - so that makes today 93.4% not really that impressive.

However, less impressive or not here is what went down.
I'm fairly new to the table and in late position and raise it to $15 with Ad Ac
I get 4 callers to make it a $75 pot.
Flop comes Kh Jh Js
Checks to me and I bet out $50 and get 2 callers.
Turn is a 2x
checks to me and I push, I get the same two callers.
The river is the last King in the Deck.
Player 1 has KT
Player 2 had KT
Player grrouchie wonders what he has to sacrifice in order to win a pot.

Not cool Satan, not cool.

However, it was cool to hang out with Rob for a bit again - but that's the last time during this trip of his.
I'm back to the savings board as that was my stash - burned up with a 93.4% chance to win the pot!


  1. Sounds as if it was the God of Irony at work.


  2. Two chasers with no fear of you holding a jack or having their 10 outkicked, let alone aces - OUTSTANDING...

  3. I misread Tony's hand yesterday. I thought he had the almighty OESD+Flush draw. Obviously he was playing too high .. 20% of you bankroll on one hand is too much.. but if I was playing within bankroll limits I would not hesitate to put my stack in with an OESD+Flush draw against what I would assume would be a made hand.

  4. Wow, when you run bad you really run bad

  5. Yeah Monday nite was a terrible nite for you pokerwise, and sad to say, no better for me. Ugly day at poker, but I did have fun with you and got to see the new, cleaned up grrouchie, and the Groucho tat.

    Today was a much better day. Though I busted out at Aria tourn, I got a great (future) blog post out of the experience and then tripled up tonite at BSC.

    1. Glad to hear your luck decided to change!
      looking forward to the blog post