Thursday, March 08, 2012

Days are too short

My days are too short currently and I am putting in a formal request so that I can have more than 24 hours per day.
Maybe it's only because this is my first week of Craps Class, but I could really stand to find about an extra two hours in my day so that I can just sit down and study the shit out of my odds and payouts and have them all memorized so I can stop thinking when being put on the spot and start just spitting out the answers like they were second nature to me.
Also, I need to find time to actually practice my chip cutting.

I'm feeling pretty good about my performance thus far and have received a fair amount of compliments from the other students and from a professional dealer as well, so that inflates my ego a bit.
I'm also starting to get really obsessed with the game and thinking about it all the time.  I've made friends with another guy and on our off days we are going to try to get together and drill each other so that we can get this down pat and I think that's great.

One of the things I want to do is take a trip to the Gamblers General Store and pick up a Crap Felt so that I can have the layout at home and run through things during my down time - maybe get a friend to come over and just make bets over and over and over while I practice paying them out to get quicker at it until it's second nature to me.

I plan on succeeding and I plan on out performing everyone else at the school.  So, I have the determination down and now i just have to implement the course of action that will help me achieve that goal.

In other news, work is bloody awful at night.
There has been no coverage the past two evenings which means that I have been called out of the office repeatedly to help customers in various areas of the store.  I don't mind helping people, in fact that's why i'm in this line of work, but it does get kind of annoying when I am not being given enough time to get my own work-load completed because I have to continually stop what I am doing to do other things.

The plus side is the even flies by and I'm ok with that.  The downside is my co-worker thinks I'm a lazy piece of shit who's slacking off because I no longer have any type of supervision.
Good night - I'm going to try to get some sleep earlier tonight so that I can wake up earlier tomorrow and do some cramming before class.


  1. Formal reguest DENIED. Now your days have only 23 hours in

    1. do that thing with the light thingie where you wipe my memory that you ever denied my request - this way I'm really confused when it feels like I have less time in my day but can't figure it out!

  2. Good luck with this vision quest! Running craps tables are freaking confusing! Rock it!

    1. One week down and I've given myself the best mental workout I ever have had.

      I gots some work to do - but I will achieve

  3. My only annoyance in losing an hour this weekend is this.
    I have to be to work at 6 am on Sunday morning for some stupid meeting - and in the middle of the night Sunday is when the hour goes away - thus I lose an hour of sleep when I'm going to need it most - so I can function at work.
    Oh, and they want me to train people during the meeting but haven't really told me what I'm training people on yet.... Maybe tomorrow (Saturday)??