Friday, June 22, 2012

Not Dead ..... yet

If anyone has been wondering I am still alive.

I might be alive but I am currently on life support.

Live continues to shovel the shit in my general direction and it's piling up hire than I'd care to deal with at this current point in time.
Therefor, because all I would be doing is bitching and complaining every single day about something I have decided that I don't feel like writing anything instead.


  1. glad to hear you are still among the living....see you tomorrow nite at the AVP thing if not before.

    1. I'll at least make an appearance.
      I've been running ragged lately and will be out late again tonight so I have to figure out how to wake up early tomorrow morning to get over to The Mirage and give them my money before they give my seat away.

      Of course, my head is in no frame of mind to actually play poker, let alone give myself a chance to do anything so I suspect that I'll be one of the 1st ten knocked out.

    2. Oh well, the good news is, more dead money for me. Or if Josie were here, she'd say for her.

    3. Josie said if I chip dumped to her during the tourney that she'd let me see one nipple

    4. I was told I get to choose between the good one and the deformed one, obviously I'm going with the latter.

    5. I believe that line will get you a smack.